Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ahhh so that's what happened. DOH!

When I started this blog I kept thinking to myself "What happened to all my pages and stuff?" Well that's because this isn't my original blog. This is my original blog babyweightmyfatass That's my history with Weight Watchers and basically the last 3 + years of weight loss, pregnancy, birth and back to weight loss.

I am kicking myself because I didn't blog about starting to run. Well I kept a journal on a message board but I didn't put it out in the universe. In fact I remember not telling my family (my sister and Dad) I was actually running for a long time. In fact I still get rude comments from my Dad (Capt Happy) about running. Since I ran a Turkey Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving it was a big deal and even though I had a PR that day his attitude kinda of killed my good spirits. Comment's like "I don't remember you being this way in high school..." yes because I had lot's of inspiration at home. For those that don't know my folks were pretty much homebodies. And well we can see how well that worked out for my Mom (may she rest in peace of course) and well my Dad is now in 2xl shirts. So there ya go.

So have fun looking at the old blog I know I did a little jaw drop at how I used to look in a few pics.

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