Monday, January 31, 2011

Last day to get your Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K done!

Long day here. I just wanted to remind people if they are going to complete the virtual 5k that today is the last day!

I ran today on the treadmill. Did another 5K. Actually did my fastest 2miles including a 5min warm up in 31 mins. My final time on the treadmill was 47:35. I know that's slow but something is special about that time. Why?

Well just a month ago I did 2 runs just over 5K distance and my times were 52 mins and 54 mins. I was working with the Couch 2 10K program but with getting sick and getting bored I put it aside and decided to run again based on how I was feeling. My Nike+ sensor has died so you can't get an idea of my run/walk but there was more running than walking today. :) Which I am pretty happy about. All my running today was over 4.2 mph (I know still slow but fast for me) and even got as high as 4.8mph. So yay me! After seeing what I could do via the Garmin on Saturday, I KNOW I have it in me to go faster. I just have to build myself up to that point.

This morning I also ordered the husband and me some Yak Trax because I have a 5K on Sunday and we are expecting a "blizzard" in the next 48 hours.  So umm yay me? lol.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Emotional eating and how to over come it aka need help!

I've known for a long time that I am an emotional eater. What doesn't help is that my husband is just as well.
We were doing well at the beginning of the year after seeing Food Inc. and have tried to make some changes in our diet. We did change our meat. Which I am having a hard time adapting to. It doesn't taste bad it's just that I am so used to eating ground turkey or chicken that regular ground beef that isn't crap ass fast food is just odd.

What's put us in an emotional spin for the last couple of weeks is that my husband's father passed away a few weeks ago. He suffered from Alzheimer's and my husband had already dealt with the emotional & mental loss of his father years ago. The new physical loss of his father is something new that he is dealing with. I know what he is going through as I've been there with the loss of my mother.

My emotional eating these days is brought on by my bad days with Avery. I should have control over that because it is the one thing I can control. As I typed that out I remember someone from a Weight Watchers meeting saying that. She was having a bad week with a parent hospitalized and she had a good loss that week at weigh in. She said she couldn't control anything that was going  to happen to her parent, to her family but the one thing she could control was what she put in her mouth.  So besides emotional eating maybe I have that self control issue?

I found this article on Do food cravings affect your feelings? 

Has anyone else been an emotional eater? Has anything helped? Mantra's, books, therapy?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K race report

Temperature outside 28 degrees.

My attitude: Get me the f*ck out of the house.

Why? I just got clocked in the face by the 2.5 year old with her hard noggin which got me directly on my cheek bone. Sa~weet. After a bunch of tears from me and hugs from my husband I just got on my gear and took my Garmin 305 on it's maiden voyage.

I headed out on my normal summer route and skipped the hilly area's by the local cemetery. After 1.5 miles I hit a main road and since the sidewalks were bad I ran in the street. I then decide to loop back home the same streets that were clear on the way out.

This was my first run on the streets since the marathon in October. My first run in the cold since the Shamrock Shuffle last March. To say I was out of shape or not used to it would be an understatement. I survived though. Still figuring out the new Garmin I glanced down at one point when I was concentrating on my form and trying to remember the tips from CHI Running and saw that I was going at a 10:29 min pace! Woot! Fastest I've ever gone that I could see! LOL.

In the end I did a split of running/walking/running/walking. My final time was:

I was in my finest outdoor running attire that included my new tights, a new pullover courtesy of Kohls (men's dept of course because the women's don't exactly fit right) and of course my Jagermeister ski cap. I don't think the picture show's the true redness of my face just the joy of getting it done.

Hope everyone has been having fun doing their 5K's!!

Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K update & some answers to some questions about Avery

I have results from the following:


Remember to have it your 5K done before the end of January 31st. Have your race report and your documented times to me   February 1st by 11:59pm. The winner and the results will be announced February 3rd.


I've written this week of the issues that have come up with Avery concerning her regression when it came to hitting herself.

Kristin @ Nyce Life asked in my last post "If we have a behavior specialist to run this by? Is something new going on at school causing her need to self soothe?" 

All of her therapists are aware of this regression behavior. She had been sick the last week or so and are hoping it was a residual effect of having a very bad sore throat and trying to kick the sickness. 
Her little school is a Parent's Day Out program and there weren't any changes going on. Sometimes when they go to the Wiggle Room aka play room some things will be rearranged since it's at a church but there are actually things in their to help her soothe herself like a trampoline. The only thing that helped at "school" was swinging by the teachers but there is only so much they could do while tending to the other kids. 

Paula @ Running Mom of Five asked about trying a gluten /casein free diet

We have tried a gf/cf diet with her but she had begun to loose weight and she's tiny to begin with so we stopped. She is on Almond Milk which seems to be better on her stomach and we noticed a change her poop. We had thought about trying again. After a trip to the pediatrician this week and talking to him and determining that she's getting more pickier with her eating it's just not the right time for it. Even her speech therapist made a comment about how skinny she is getting. 

Bobbi @ Zero to 26 point 2 commiserated with me about the bus issue we'll be facing and the potty training in the future. Thank you. 

EMZ @ If I can't convince you...I'll at least confuse you. I know there's a shorter url but it's funnier that way. 
No we are not moving to FL. To much humidity and  there are not enough hair products to cure that! He was just down there for work for a few days. If we were to move anywhere out of state it would be Colorado. Unfortunately our next move will force me to move an hour from friends and family to be closer to my husbands job. * sigh * It does mean better schools for Avery so that is a high light.

Today was a little bit better with her. She woke up super early though so I made a conscious effort to give her snacks or milk after her speech therapy before we went to occupational therapy so she wouldn't get a sugar low and have a meltdown at OT. Now she normally wakes up after 7 am so we don't normally have that issue and she normally doesn't have speech on Fridays but it was a make up day from earlier this week. She was NOT in the mood to hear her therapists voice but any toy that had music or sounds she was ok with. 

She had a good experience at OT today though.  Lot's of swinging and bouncing and she was happy. She came home ate lunch, had some milk and took another long nap. The rest of the day well it could have gone better but dinner was a disaster until I finally got her to take some milk and eat some fruit and cheerios. Not the best dinner but it was calories in. 

Sunday I am going to ask for help with emotional eating so if you have any tips keep them handy for Sunday!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Five things for Friday...

1. I've gotten more than a few race results back in the last few days. Way to go everyone! 

2.  I was on the treadmill @ the gym when I got a call to pick up the youngest at school.

3. Which means I didn't get to finish MY 5K.

4. More important is that her issue of hitting herself on her head is getting worse because she was hitting her head on the floor at school.

5. We are at a lost as to what to do for her right now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Triumphs

Since the little one has been sick the past week we really don't have any triumphs. We did how ever have her transition meeting with the school district for when she ages out of the Early Intervention system into Early Childhood preschool. Since she is a late May baby she actually gets to start in the summer. uh huh oh yeah! Four days a week in the morning for the summer session!!

BUT and there is a huge BUT she will be taking a bus to school. Now when our oldest was off to preschool on the bus it kinda of went like this: Day 1: a little crying, no I don't want to go on the bus. Day 2: still a little scared of the bus but got on the bus. Day 3: the bus had to pick her up in a different spot and she was running after the bus screaming "Wait! wait for me bus!".

Yeah I don't see that happening with the little one. Since she can't really talk and I doubt she'll have a huge vocabulary come May she will probably be freaking out. She can always surprise us but we are expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Also when the oldest was starting preschool she just turned 3 as well but we had just gotten her potty trained and um yeah I don't see that happening by May with her. Maybe I don't give her enough credit and I can start trying it with her but since she likes to PLAY in the toilet water (( shudder )) yeah I don't see her doing an about face. We'll see. Potty training is the SUCK anyways. I can't imagine it with her. That's the good thing about special needs early childhood preschool they don't have to be potty trained at all. They will help, but it's not a requirement.

My husband sent me this picture from Florida yesterday with the title Thinking of You:

Uh huh. Nice.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hump Day Shlump Day

We are finally I think over the sickness that the kids picked up last week. Over the weekend it was pretty bad with the youngest. She doesn't understand why her throat hurt her, she wouldn't eat, she couldn't sleep at times which meant she was crabby as all hell, and I got no sleep what so ever. We had a dr's appointment on Monday and ruled out strep throat or ear infections. Then she miraculously got her little appetite back but still is in a foul mood. She's very frustrated again and is back to hitting herself. Sigh. To top it off with the pediatrician I asked him if he read her report from the specialists about her being diagnosed with Autism. He said it looked like it was in the system but he hadn't read it yet. WTF. He got it about 6 months ago. He remembered the blood work coming back (negative for chromosome issues) and all that but the part about not reading over the report perturbed me. hmph.

Some quick things today, Marcia over at Running off at the Mouth  is doing a fundraiser for Heather at 365 awesome days whose daughter was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. And when I say recently I mean like a few weeks ago. So send some prayers and take a blog skip over to Marcia's and make a donation!

I think I got everyone so far that's sent me an email about the Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K - Are you In?  If I missed you send me another message and go "hey!!! You forgot me!"

Also if you sent me an email about a sticker they'll go out in the mail tomorrow! Thanks for the interest!

I tried on some CW-X Women's expert tights today. I tried on the largest size that the sizing chart said I should fit in. They fit. I understand they are compression and in general I think they would be great but I don't think I could wear them out of my house. The muffin top was horrible and I felt like I was stretching them to the limit. I was looking for compression capris or shorts because my left hamstring has been a little tight after runs and I was hoping it could help. Maybe when I get more toned and loose more weight I'll revisit the CW-X but for now I put them back on the rack.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.....

So like many bloggers out there I was contacted by Megan at about doing something to help promote my site. I actually kinda of farted around with getting back to her and then it was a lot of back and forth over the design(s). Why? Because I am one picky bitch. She was great to work with and very helpful with design ideas and set up. She truly was MARVELOUS!!

I had told her that I had actually thought of getting a FINISH LINE banner to set up where I run to help visualize when I run. I was really shocked when she said sure!

Here it is: 

It is AWESOME!!  The top quote  Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit is basically how I was feeling during the marathon. I knew I would feel worse quitting than how I felt at that moment. The second quote You won't know your limits until you go beyond them, is how I felt after every long run I did and how I felt after the half's and the marathon.  It is hanging in front of the treadmill but to take a picture of it without any glare off of it I had to take it down.

Then I also designed two bumper stickers. See? I am very indecisive with things. Ask my friends I must have tried on over 100 wedding gowns before choosing THE one.

Would you like a bumper sticker? If you would like one, email me at babyweightmyfatass @ and please tell me if you would like option 1- Suck it up, Buttercup! OR 2-BWMFA in your email along with your address. There is a limit of 25 each so if I run out of one, I"ll ask if I can substitute ok?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Weigh In Results

Let's just call this a weight loss brought to me by the kids.

 Down -1.5 lbs. Thanks little sickies!!

I made a list!

Jake over at Broken Hearted Runner compiled a list of the Best Running Blogs of 2011 and I made the list!

I was very excited to see this and even called my husband at work to tell him! Yes that's how exciting my life is. lol.

If you have a chance go over to Jake's site and read his About Me and you'll be inspired. You really will be!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are you in?

This is the list of runners I have so far for Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K. If I've missed your name let me know via email babyweightmyfatass @ It's all women except that my husband has said he'll do it as well.

Shebajc @ Thankful thorns have roses

Rose @ Eat Drink and be Meiri

 Tiina @ One Crazy Penguin

Heather @ 365 Awesome Days

Paula @ Running Mom of Five

Grace @ Gracemontalvo13

Tara H. * don't have blog info if you have one!

Caryn @ Magnifica Photo

Christa @ Run Mommy Run 4  * Already have her 5K results!

Marcia @ Running Off at the Mouth

Bobbi @ Zero to 26 point 2

Holly @ I hate the treadmill

Stacie @ 13 point 1 miles

Sheri @ Sheri running through life

Bobbie @ Bobbie 087

Stephanie @ Run to Health

Lauren @ Lauren Happens

Amanda @ Amanda in Balance

 Darlene @ My first 5K

Stephany @ Keltic Fire

Jenn G.

Tammie H.


I hope to get my run in this weekend! Though my children have decided to pass along their illness on to me. Yay me!

Plus I'll have a really neat Marvelous Monday on Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Followup & Suck it up, Buttercup Virtual 5K update!

By my estimate I should have been able to run about 2x this week. Didn't happen.

Monday started with the holiday and one sick kid.

I found her asleep on the couch before lunch. Totally not like her even though our couch will suck you in. She woke up crying that her throat hurt her with a slight fever. Awesome.

Follow the next few days with a few therapy sessions and being super busy. The next day to get to the gym would be Thursday.

But this is what Avery looked like when she woke up:

 She laid in bed for a good half hour before I could finally get her to move. During that time I knew her going to "school" was out of the question. She was very warm, crabby and just an unhappy camper.

I had my Dad come over and watch both of the girls while I went to the grocery store to stock up on food they won't eat and get some more medicine. I get home and my Dad says, "yeah Avery just curled up in a ball on the couch and fell asleep". Umm say what? Completely not normal but I immediately went to check on her and this is how I found her:

Yes, she was breathing and she seemed perfectly comfortable. I've found her asleep in this position in her crib before. I seemed to alarm my Dad because he didn't think it was odd that she went and did this since I said she was sick but umm hello, she could have had a reaction to the medicine I gave her. ugh. She stayed like this for another half hour. When she woke she was crying hysterically because she most likely had a sore throat like her sister had on Monday and didn't understand why it hurt her. She ate some fruit and then went back down for another nap. Poor thing.

Hopefully I'll make it to a treadmill this weekend and get that 5K in  before the Bears play against the Packers on Sunday!

So far for the Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K it's all women signed up! Well except for my husband who is going to do his 5K in freaking Florida next week while he's on a work trip and we are freezing our ta~ta's off here in Illinois!

Happy Running!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Help Grace raise money for Team in Training

Grace over at Grace, It's Amazing is trying to raise funds for Team in Training which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Head on over to make a donation and try to win one of the Allied Medal Hangers. Now I realllllllly want one of these medal hangers so I probably shouldn't tell you about it but it's for a great cause! Good luck Grace! And glad you are participating in the virtual 5K!

Thursday Triumphs

First off I want to thank Jodi over at Run Jodi Run for featuring me in her Thumbs Up Thursday feature!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Second I don't have a lot of triumphs for Avery today. She's starting to get back to a normal nap schedule. In return she has become the pickiest eater. Stuff she would eat before she's turning her nose up at. It's awesome. Especially with a sister who does the same thing it's doubly awesome. A big fat waste of food.

A couple of times at dinner Avery's had some big tears just because she's been so tired  or was not happy with her choice of dinner selection. So what I do is turn the music on.  What calms her down the most?

She love's the melody of the song, she loves to be danced to it. When she hears it she almost immediately calms down and starts to sway while sitting in her chair. I think the title is very fitting for her, "Don't Stop Believing." She has Autism, she is basically nonverbal. The words are there she just can't use them. I remember getting really frustrated the other day while she was having speech therapy. She'll say a few words for her therapist on cue when he asks for certain things he points out in puzzles. What is frustrating is that I know she has the words. I've heard her say complete sentences before. Totally random. But I know the words are there. I just can't stop believing that she'll start to talk one day.

As I searched for this song on youtube this morning the oldest heard it play and she said, "That's Avery's song!" Yes Paige it is. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and a sneak peek at something really cool!

RunningLawyer from Running from the Law nominated me for an award:

Woo Hoo!! Exciting!

Rules of the award are as follows:

1. Make this post and link back to the person who gave the award to me.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Award 5 great bloggers.

4. Contact the bloggers to tell them they've won!

So here are my 7 things:

1. I covet, no really worship EMZ's abs. Check them out HERE.  How can you not envy those things?

2. I have two vertebrae between my shoulder blades that are cocked in two different directions which is part of my back issues and unfortunately are part of the reason I have droopy shoulders, posture. :(

3. I met my husband online. We've been together 8 years and married almost 7 this fall.

4. I used to work in a Nuclear Power Plant as a mechanic. I miss the work and some of the people but mostly the big pay check. 

5. I love to go boating in the summer but I can't swim. So yup you won't see me signing up for any triathlon's anytime soon. I read the TRI blogs because they really are interesting but unless I learn to swim it's not going to happen.

6. I belong in a snow ski club called The Wild Bunch. I still try to do things with them mostly during the summer when we do water activities but I'm afraid to go back to skiing because I mostly sucked at it and I'm afraid I'll hurt myself out there and won't be able to run. I don't have the nick name BOMB Rat (*stands for Bruises On My Butt) for nothing.

7. My favorite movies are mostly classics. Such as Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russell not Lucille Ball!), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Rebecca. I think I have an old soul in me or at least I am open minded to watch other channels besides anything that has crap reality tv programs on it.

So I nominate for the award:

Kim @ i lax studio

Dana @ 52 Beginnings

Suzi @ Ok Just One More Beer

Bobbie @ Journey in Running

Roni @ Minivan or Clown car

So now it's your turn ladies to spread the love!

And for that sneak peek.......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Suck it up, Buttercup! Virtual 5K

Anyone want to do a virtual 5K to get a race under the belt for the month of January? 
I do! I do! I do! 

So here it is.......

 Now you can do this 5K anywhere you want. Outside in frigid temps, inside on a treadmill, outside in beautiful weather. Anywhere. Just as long as you are done with your 5K  on or before January 31st.

I know it's short notice but anyone can fit in 3 miles before the end of the month. I had been thinking about it for a couple of days and well I farted around all day with the design of the logo and that's what you get. Fancy huh? 

Will there be prizes? Every participant will get a token of participation. Those who come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd will get something but nothing extraordinaire. How's that for descriptive? 

So email me at babyweightmyfatass @ and let me know you want to participate. Have your race report with documented times emailed to me by February 1st 11:59 pm. The winner and results will be announced on February 3rd. 

Have fun! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gym etiquette aka pet peeves

The Chicago Tribune had a little article yesterday called Gym etiquette: work it out by Ellen Warren. It focused on some little stories from trainers that were pretty shocking but she left it with a basic set of rules.

The Rules

Limit cell phone talking *

No loud groans or grunting

Don't slam down weights

Wipe down equipment after use

Don't work out when you're sick, contagious *

Wear flip-flops in shower/locker room

No public spitting

Don't share towels, soap

Cover cuts, scrapes

Sit on towel in steam/sauna

Clean body, clean clothes

Don't hog equipment when others are waiting

Keep conversation to a minimum *

No revealing workout clothes

Don't stroll or chat naked in locker room

Return equipment to its original location

Don't correct others' form

Respect personal space 
The * stuff is stuff I've witnessed just this week alone at the gym. Two times out of the three times I've gone this week someone has been on the phone while on the treadmills or ellipticals. Important calls need to be taken elsewhere. I could hear these conversations and they were more like "Shooting the shit" If you can talk in a normal tone of voice you are not getting much out of that treadmill and you are annoying the shit out of me. Probably others, but mostly me.

One of my pet peeves on the list was marked as return equipment to their original location. I know it's mostly about weights or other things.  My peeve  is when someone uses the treadmill and jacks it ALLLLLL the way up and leaves it at the highest incline. I came into the gym this week thinking "how the hell could they use the treadmill this way?" Well I found out on Saturday. There was a woman about 2 treadmills down from me and she had it jacked all the way up. She was holding onto it for dear life though. She was walking, had a magazine perched on it, and was talking to her friend on the treadmill next to her. The best part was that she was in a heavy duty sweatshirt with the hood up. About half way through my run on Saturday I was hearing this "whrrrrrrrrrrr" noise and I realized it was coming from that treadmill. So not only was she doing something completely dangerous but she was adding stress to the machine.

I know I can't be the only one with pet peeves. This isn't about ripping on new people who don't know better and need to learn there way around a gym without feeling out of place.  It's obvious from the article that some people are just clueless in general and I think that's pretty much what I've been witnessing. 
Now this past week I could have been accused of hogging a treadmill while trying to get in my longer workout on the treadmill BUT I kept observing the treadmills and there was always more than a few available. IF there were not I would have cut it short.
Does your gym have a watchdog to look over people? I wish they did at ours because by the time I was done with the treadmill I really didn't feel right going up to the desk clerk and going "Umm, should she be doing that?" plus she was already done so that would have been pointless. 

Do you have gym pet peeves? Or how about running trails pet peeves?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Weigh In Results

Down -1 lb! Woot! I am very surprised by that. We (husband and I) had a week of comfort eating/but tracking my food every day!!! So there were some days I was really over my calories and some days I was right in range.  I countered that with going to the gym 3x this week and running. When I weighed myself this am after working out and saw the loss I was happy and won't complain about it.

My workout this am is from a Nike Training Center application for the Iphone. It puts you through a 30 or 45 minute interval workout. It was great, I got a good sweat on but shoot I am weak. Ugh. But I will get better with time!


On a sad note a very sweet woman I know lost her little infant boy over the weekend. Please say a short prayer for her and husband and their Angel baby and hug your little one's extra tight this weekend.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh sweet peace..

Yesterday was a rarity in my house. The husband was home in the am and I said well let's have the oldest stay home with you while I take the youngest to "school" and I can go to the!! That hasn't happened since some time last summer.

It was nice and odd all at the same time. The treadmills were filled every other one. Shoot. Everyone had the same plan as me, not to run next to someone else. What I totally forget is that the treadmill's stop at 60 minutes. Our old Proform that died in our flood last summer didn't stop at 60. It was actually 120 minutes. Our back up one that is gym quality that we now use is another stops at 60 minutes deal. It wouldn't have been bad if the Couch 210K week 6 day 1 program wasn't 73 minutes long. See where I am going with this? I basically had  two more run sessions and my treadmill went into cool down mode. By this time the treadmill's were empty so I wasn't holding up the line of user's. So as I frantically kept trying to over ride the treadmill it just kept getting my heart rate higher and higher. Why didn't I just stop and start again? Because I was on a roll and didn't want to do math with my mileage. LOL. Seriously I just wanted to be DONE.  Since I wore my heart rate monitor today I got a more accurate view of what my HR has been like on the treadmill. The highest it got to today was 167. The other day I relied on the darn treadmill and it told me that my average HR was 147. Yeah not right.

I finished the day and felt good about myself because really half way through it I was about to go screw this. 
I kept pushing myself and in the end I was glad I did. Though I did look like a Campbell's Soup Kid with a beet red face after my runs. I think people at the gym get freak when they see that. I can't be the only one who looks like that right?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Triumphs

Sometimes I focus on the running part of my life. More so the will to get back to running. A big part of my life of course is my children. My oldest was declared almost 2 years ago as having a general developmental delay. So she went to Early Childhood preschool and now she's a rock star. A little narc but she's a rock star in class and we've been told she'll be in regular classes come next fall. Our youngest has Autism, recently diagnosed in September.

Six months ago we had no idea how she would adapt to going to a Mom's morning out program at a local church. She was diagnosed the day after she started "school".  In fact she struggled A LOT at the beginning. I wasthisclose to pulling her from the class because the stress of not knowing how she was, was really hurting me. For the last month or so almost all the reports from when I pick her up are good. A great blessing because I knew she needed to be with other kids her own age, and learn to play with them. Well she was around the other kids but had yet to learn to play with them. If any other child came into her area she would have a meltdown. I've been hearing these are few and far between these days. She's picked up the routines finally of when it's time for circle time, wiggle time (free play), and this past Monday she actually "allowed" another little kid to play with the same toys she was playing with. Now it might seem like no big deal to a parent with a kid who doesn't have Autism but it was a big deal for her.

The most important thing for her is to have a strict schedule. I feel that almost every day we have a routine down. It's either therapy & school or just therapy during the week. Her sister goes to school in the afternoon. The two weeks they had off for the holidays were a doozie at home. Her nap schedule went off kilter and it's still up in the air. If she takes a late nap, it is HELL to wake her up and get her to eat dinner and play for a bit then go back to bed. I know she needs that nap. The last few days I've been experimenting with letting her hang out in her crib for an hour or so and if she's not asleep I take her out and we don't go through the struggles we went through the last few weeks late in the afternoon. If she doesn't nap, she hangs out on my lap or the couch, with her little butt up in the air (you know how little one's sleep), a blankie with her and trying to cover herself up with the pillows from the couch. So it's still a "do we let her give up her nap or does she really still need them?" type of thing.

So some of her triumphs in the last few weeks are:

* eating with a fork.
* motioning to get up in her booster seat
* helping with letting herself down from her booster seat
* inferring that she is done with her meal by handing us her plate and fork (if we don't catch her, it gets flipped to the floor)
* she's engaging with more eye contact with her therapists
* she's  following more simple directions from her therapists
* saying more words for her therapists spontaneously, and making more sounds that are trying to sound like words.
 * playing with others including her sister:

Although my friend Kris says "look at Avery she's holding on to Jessie and Woody like, don't you dare touch them!" lol. True she does look like she is. They were quiet and that's what brought me into the room and this is what I saw. 

The sisters playing together is a big deal. The tall and short one as we first started calling them when the youngest arrived have had a rough time of it. The tall one has always played well independently. Avery will play by herself as well. Well it's become more play in the last few months based on mimicking other actions that she seeing. She loves Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. I have 3 Jessie dolls in my house right now. Not a day goes by that there isn't a fight over that darn doll. 

What I've been noticing in the last few weeks is the playing together they have going on. Paige is pushing herself into Avery's world by tickling her, making her laugh and hugging her. It's wonderful when Avery is accepting. Sometimes she is and sometimes she's basically wants to be left alone. Yesterday was one of those moments when Paige was let into Avery's world and they were both giggling.

She's making improvements, and while they may not be leaps and bounds they are indeed little triumphs for her.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hood to Coast the movie

We saw the movie Hood to Coast last night. I gave a brief review here when we got home Porn Star Bart Yasso. It truly was all those words I described it as being.

Awesome: I didn't know much about the Hood to Coast relay race before going into the theater. I knew one thing: relay race. I really have had no interest in running a relay race. After watching the map, seeing the elevation changes, learning the logistics it does sound like a kinda of awesome thing to do. It really is a TEAM effort. You have to be united in your one goal.

Sad: Sad? Yes. There are two teams Heart N' Sole and R. Bowe who have stories of comeback and remembrance that they document. For Heart N' Sole one of the runners Kathy who had run 75 marathons, and countless Hood to Coast relays had had a heart attack on the course the year before and basically died. This race was her comeback race even though her DR. is very apprehensive of how much she wants to do. When they first start showing Kathy and her little workout routines, and all of her medals, you could hear some of the snappy runners in my theater go, "ohh i already hate her." Then she says, I collapsed on this part of the race course and well the theater went quiet after that.

Team R. Bowe is about a family and group of friends who are running in remembrance of a son, brother, husband who died a few weeks before the birth of his first child from an unknown heart condition at age 30. He first ran the Hood to Coast with his Dad at age 12 and used that as a poignant part of growing up and becoming an adult. You could feel the pain of this family in how much they missed him.

Wow: Just the whole logistics of everything was wow to me. Where some people only climb a 100 foot elevation, others like rookies had to climb a 1,100 elevation as part of their leg. And seriously team Thunder and Laikaning who didn't train for this besides drink beer and didn't bother to really look at the race map were probably the most intriguing part of the film. I have felt many of things they did or have said many of the expletives they've said during my races so it was funny to hear it from these "runners".

Funny: Team Thunder and Laikaning who were the rookies were funny to us. The other team that featured were The Dead Jocks. The Dead Jocks have been doing this race for years and are the veterans, and while they take it seriously, they all turn into a bunch of frat boys on a weekend outing. Very funny when they show their antics because you really can't believe men who are beguiling the fact they can't run 6 min miles but will settle for 7:20 miles now (Ok that let out a seriously funny "are you kidding me?" groan from my theater group, LOL) still can run so seriously but are squirting runners from their van with water guns.

WTH: Why do I say What the Hell?  hmm. Something was missing from this documentary. I really can't put my finger on it but something was missing. Maybe after reading many other blogger's reviews I'll figure it out.

Inspiring: My husband and I left the theater thinking it was pretty cool. We thought it would be a great adventure to do because the scenery is beautiful and the whole aspect of conquering this 197 mile race with a team is really extraordinary. We then thought in the car on the way home we don't think we could come up with 8/10 suckers, I mean friends who would want to participate in this at this level. You generally run a 3-6 mile leg of the race 3x. So it's really not that much, but it's in a matter of 24 hours and on very little sleep. You also have to be a TEAM. I think that's the most important part of this race. There was no shown animosity between any of the teams. They just all kept plodding along to the finish line. Just like everyone else.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Porn Star Bart Yasso

Or we saw the documentary Hood To Coast at the theater tonight.

A few words to describe it:


I'll have more tomorrow but that's a quick review of it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Monday Returns!!

Meet our featured weight loss loser and runner extraordinaire Suzi from Ok Just One More Beer. She just recently hit Lifetime with Weight Watchers. I love her wit, her honesty and her love for beer. Which had me completely intrigued and I had to ask her about it here.

1. Introduce yourself: 

          My name is Suzi and I'm a 27 year old female who hails from Syracuse, NY.  I live with my boyfriend Frank whom I've known for over 17 years, but our relationship together started about 4 years ago.  He's a great man who supports me in so many ways.  He has a gorgeous 12 year old whom I love to death.  I am a sales/accounts receivables manager by day & a beer drinker by night. :)

2. Tell us about the ups and downs you've had with food and your weight.

        Growing up I never really had that big of a problem with being over weight.  If anything, I was always too skinny (I know, don't hate me).  Of course though, that was because I grew up battling depression & eating was not an activity I enjoyed.  So while I may have been a size 4, I was by no means healthy.  As I got older and climbed my way out of the depression, my appetite climbed up as well.  I wouldn't say that I would OVER eat, but I ate a lot and a lot of junk!  I would eat a whole box of macaroni & cheese, or half a bag of Oreo's.  I never looked at what I was consuming or how much.  I realized in my early 20's that my weight crept up dramatically & I joined Weight Watchers.  I lost 50 lbs....only to gain it all back and then some less than a year later.  A lot of things changed in my life & I stopped taking care of me.  I wouldn't say I fell into a depression, but I gave up on taking care of myself.  Thankfully though I snapped out of that quickly & I went back to Weight Watchers to successfully lose 100 lbs and gain the knowledge that I deserve to put myself first!

3. Can you tell us about your "A-HA! Oprah moment"

        I wish I could!  I get asked this question a lot.  "When did it click?"...I really can't tell you the exact moment.  I went back to Weight Watchers in September of 2008 and just kind of "coasted" on plan for a while.  I lost about 25 lbs during that time but in January my mother had to have extensive brain surgery I stopped going.  I took about a 4 month hiatus.  When I went back in June of 2009, that is where I really put myself in the drivers seat & got serious.  I guess I just felt sick of not making good, healthy, happy choices for myself.  I knew I deserved better and I was bound & determined to work hard to achieve that.  I also had been entertaining thoughts of becoming a runner & I knew to do that I would have to get serious about losing weight & serious about pushing what I *thought* were my limits. 

4. What does your current eating style reflect?

      Heaven & Hell, LOL!!  I don't deprive myself of anything.  I'm not one of these people who can say "Oh my god I cant remember the last time I had a slice of pizza!" but I can honestly tell you that I don't remember the last time I ate a whole pizza by myself.  I still let myself have my treats & indulge now and again but I do it all in moderation.  My diet consists of a lot of fruits, vegetables & lean protein. A typical day for me is probably some eggs for breakfast with some greek yogurt. A lot of fat free turkey or fat free ham sandwiches for lunch or maybe thrown into a salad. Then for dinner we always have some kind of protein, a vegetable & usually some kind of small carb.  Of course there are snacks throughout the day like fruits or 100 cal popcorn.  And well, let not forget my favorite eating habit (ok, drinking...) BEER!  This may sound like the "hell" part, but really, it's heaven :)

5. How has your lifestyle change changed since starting your weight loss journey?

       Without a doubt it has changed!  In so many ways that I never thought were manageable.  Other than losing 100 lbs & having a dramatic physical change, I think the biggest change has been in my physical activity.  I became a runner in 2009 and on September 19th of 2010 I ran my very first Half Marathon!  Running has changed me mentally & physically.  I am much more calm & collective with my thoughts now.  I don't turn to negative habits as often as I did before I started running.  I always envied runners but I never thought I could ever become one.  Running taught me to push my own limits & to not cut myself short of greatness.  Losing 100 lbs definitely helped me realize that as well! 

6. What advice can you give to someone you see who is struggling to come to grips with who they are?

         Take a moment to sit down with yourself and ask the tough questions...why are you on this journey?....what do you want out of this?....what put you in this position in the first place?....why are you scared to leave?  Be completely honest with yourself!  Sometimes we don't even really look at why we are making the choices we are making.  It's not easy to accept that maybe the reason you are reaching for the bag of chips is not just because you are hungry but because you aren't allowing yourself to be truly seen & loved by others.  That sounds so corny & cliche but there is a lot more to being over weight or unhealthy other than "oh I just love to eat, eat, eat!".  You have to be serious about wanting to take control of your own life!  As they say, shit or get off the pot!

7. Tell us why you started your blog:

         Peer pressure, LOL.  No, not really.  But a lot of my friends had started one (non-weight loss ones funny enough) and I became intrigued.  I started thinking about my approach to weight loss & my journey onto becoming a runner and I thought that maybe, just maybe, someone might want to hear about it or even better, be motivated by it.  I don't hold anything back & I dont hide anything.  I dont shy away from telling the world how many beers I drink & how I havent nor do I plan to give them up.  I confess about the brick of cheese I ate & my desire to be lazy on certain days.  I'm not 100% perfect, no one is, so I guess I wanted to start a blog to showcase that.  To show that you can and you will have ups and downs but that you can still be successful.  Starting the blog really opened me up to meet so many amazing people.  The inspiration and motivation I've received is just mind blowing!

8. What do you see your future looking like now?

        Healthy & happy!!  I just became a Lifetime Weight Watcher member on December 23rd, 2010 so my journey kind of takes my down a different path now but I am excited.  I just officially signed up to run my very first full marathon this year!!  I am running the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY on October 2nd.  I hope to keep my weight stable, my legs moving in a running motion and an ice cold beer in my hands. :)

9. Tell us about your love of beer and your favorite!

        I wasn't always a beer fan.  For many years I couldn't even stand the smell of the stuff.  But then I had one of those "I need a goddamn drink" kind of days and all I had was some Coors Light I had bought for somebody in my fridge (funny enough, this someone I bought it for was Frankie my now boyfriend. I got it for him as a thank you for looking at my car but he wouldn't accept it).  I didn't have anything else to drink in the house so I opened a can of that and well...that's how it all began.  I always wish I could say that my favorite beer was some sort of exotic craft brew, but honestly, my favorite beer is Bud Select 55.  I love it because it's light in calories & carbs (a very Weight Watcher friendly beer) plus light in taste.  I don't drink beer to get drunk.  I drink it everyday (yes, I said everyday. No need to call AA on me people) because I enjoy the taste & it can be relaxing to me to come home from work and pop open a can, or finish an amazing run & rehydrate with a cold one!  Beer is something that I love and I refuse to give it up.  I would love to think that I am a proud of example of how you can be a female beer drinker all while being fit & healthy! *Cheers!*

 Suzi's progress pictures say it all about her transformation. 
She looks great!

Thank you again Suzi for participating in Marvelous Monday! I think your story is inspiring and I hope others can see the hard work you did and know it's possible for them to achieve their weight loss goals!

Thanks again!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Weigh In Results + the Wild Rice and Lentil Bean Soup recipe

Pow! -3lbs ! I also figured out what year we are in as well! Der. I was looking at something today and realized I put the wrong date on my  Before and Afters  post from the other day. Did anybody notice? Or were you just to sweet to go "hey zippy your date is wrong!" lol.  So I went back and fixed that. Yes we are in the year 2011.

I ran 3x this week and had planned on more. I took a little spill on Friday night out in the fresh snow while I was taking out our garbage and landed smack right down on my right knee. I iced it all night and yesterday off and on, and have been taking Aleve hoping it won't be a huge issue when I try to run again tomorrow at the gym.

On the -3lbs. Great. Happy about it. Amazing what happens when you have no take out, and cook all of your foods at home for an entire week along with tracking and planning out your meals.
Today we are getting our first order of grass fed beef, along with a sampling of chicken breasts and ground chicken. Very excited about this today.

The other day I talked about a Wild Rice and Lentil Bean Soup that was in our crockpot for our meal that day. Christa asked me to send her the recipe and I decided to post it here. It's from the cookbook  Fix it and Forget it Lightly by Phyllis Pellman Good . It's a great crockpot cookbook and the low calorie recipes are very tasty!

Wild Rice and Lentil Bean Soup

1/2 cup dried lentils, sorted, rinsed and drained
3 cups water
6 oz package long grain and wild rice blend, with spice packet
14oz can of vegetable broth
10oz package of frozen mixed vegetables
1 cup skim milk
1/2 cup reduced fat mild cheddar cheese shredded

1. Cover lentils with water and soak overnight or for 6-8 hours. Drain and discard soaking water.
2. Put all ingredients into slow cooker, including the 3 cups of fresh water. Mix well.
3. Cook on low 5-8 hours, or until the vegetables are done to your liking.

Now for what I did. I completely forgot about the vegetable broth even though I had some in the house. By forgetting the vegetable broth it made it very thick and almost casserole like which is what I was going for actually. I used 2% milk instead of skim milk, and went without the cheddar cheese. I added more vegetables as well. Also we like to have a little protein with our meals so I used up some Italian sausage we have left over from making pizza on NY's Eve. And voila!  It was a great meal.

I do this tweaking with vegetarian meals a lot. While I wouldn't mind going vegetarian, my meat and potatoes husband from Indiana would love to have steak every night. Well first off steak is expensive and second that's not going to happen. snort. So a little chicken sausage or regular sausage with some bean or rice meal and he's happy. Now if I can get him to eat more vegetables besides broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts we would be good to go.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for the kinds words after my post yesterday about my Mom.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

God bless my Mom..

Today is the 7th anniversary of my Mother's passing from complications from heart surgery. I've spent the last month really deep in my depression and part of it is, is that the month of December is when my world turned upside down. It was the last time I heard her speak. The last time I saw her smile was on New Year's Eve. Although she was intubated she made the gesture for crazy in reference to my Uncle and his wife wanting to visit her. snort. She was THE major reason I ran last year for the American Heart Association at the Chicago Marathon. I didn't want to fail that day because of her. I just couldn't. I suffered the last half of the marathon from my injury but not as much as my Mom suffered in her last days I believe.

Many things have changed since she left this world. I am now married and she now has 3 beautiful granddaughters in addition to her wonderful grandson she adored so much. My father, her husband who she had celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary just 10 days before she passed is not the same man. Or if he was always this way my Mom was the buffer and I never knew how "crazy", lol, he really was. We are all different now from my sister, my Dad, my Aunt, my family in general.

After the death of a matriarch in a family the walls crumble for awhile. Sometimes they can be shored up and rebuilt. Sometimes they just crumble all around you. It's a mixture in our family. Since my Mom's passing it feels like some of family members have forgotten about Diana's kids or husband. Or it comes to my Aunt, my Godmother, my Mom's sister who is basically all I have left besides my Dad and my sister where I've been the one to neglect our relationship. For that I am very sorry. I love you so much, you don't know how it would affect me if I were to loose you as well.

The first year following her passing was the year of the firsts. Her first granddaughter being born. The first mother's day (friends called me, thank you Koreen & Kim), to her birthday, to the first holidays without her, my wedding and the first wedding anniversary my Dad had without her. All those were bitter sweet but we made it through them. Just like we have made it seven years since her passing. It does not make it easier but it's not the first thing I think about when I wake up on most days.

My Mom was a petite little thing compared to the genes my sister and I inherited from my Dad. We must not have looked like her daughters at times. lol. She was beautiful, she had a cackle laugh just like me at times. She liked her beer (Old Style). She wanted bigger and better things for her daughters just like me.

I didn't handle her death to well. Really, is there way to handle the death of a parent? If there is than well I failed big time. I am trying to make up for it now. To try to be the best Mom that I can be to my little girls. Although I miss the days I could call her up and ask her, "why the hell must they always put their hands in the toilet?" I think I've done ok based on natural instinct that I think I inherited from her.

A poem I found for my Mom, Author Unknown.

You were a precious gift from God above,
so much beauty, grace and love.
You touched our hearts in so many ways,
your smile so bright even on the bad days.
You heard God's whisper calling you home,
you didn't want to go and leave us alone.
You loved us so much, you held on tight,
till all the strength was gone and you could no longer fight.
He had called your name twice before,
you knew you couldn't make him wait anymore.
So you gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away,
knowing that with our love we will be together again some day.

And thanks to Carrie Underwood I cry every time this song comes on the radio

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Before's and After's...

I wanted to start to do before and after progress pics to help keep me motivated. I pulled pics from before I had kids. It's funny but the last picture on the right of me in a bikini was a "before" a workout spree of trying to get in shape. I thought that was bad looking! I mean it's not perfect but I couldn't even love myself back then and there's not even a freaking stretch mark on that stomach either!

Then having 2 kids in 2 years and bad eating habits and yo yo-ing with the weightloss through injuries and back and this is what you have. Yeah sorry no stomach bikini pics this time. *Shudder*

It could be worse, but of course it could be better.

It's a starting point.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new reading list is complete!.

The last of my books that I wanted to pick up and read for running showed up today. So I have 6 books to get through, some more important than others. 

Running with Angels, I haven't started or looked at yet because I know it's one of those were it will be really emotional to read through and I'll have to put that aside for some alone time. Which really with two kids isn't much. 

The CHI Running I already had and had read through it. Now I'm just going back through it while watching the DVD.

Racing Weight I started the day it showed up at the house. So far so good!

Run Less Run Faster I got over the weekend and I've glanced at it as much as I've glanced at the Brain Training for Runners.

The Runner's World Guide to Injury Prevention showed up today so I glanced at it as well.

Today should have been a day of running of Couch 2 10K week 5 day 1. My neck still hurts from the kink I had when I woke up yesterday. I can only turn it so far to the left so I've been working on that so hopefully I can continue tomorrow. * I did about 24 mins of Couch 2 10K this afternoon. My youngest was suppose to be taking a nap and the oldest was left to watch Olivia. I just couldn't do it. I could hear Avery yapping away on the monitor and the older one I couldn't tell what she was doing. Ugh. She goes back to school tomorrow. So it's either before they wake up, after they go to bed for the night or when the youngest is really napping and the oldest is at school. My nerves get out of whack by doing it while they are awake.

I also scoured the clearance racks for workout tops and pants. So this leads to a big beef of mine. Garment sizing is never the same from manufacturer to manufacturer so at like let's say Target` a pair of Champion pants are an XXL (!!! WTF !!!) and I hop on over to JC Penney and I pick up a size L (their brand name) and it's just fine. I guess for the ego boost I go to JC Penney!

I've also been working on cleaning out our cabinets ( I have A LOT of whole wheat pasta & gluten free pasta apparently, oy. ) and our freezer in preparation in changing our eating habits with grass fed beef and more humanely treated chickens. I've already baked a batch of blueberry muffins, some banana muffins, a loaf of bread and am working on a wild rice and lentil bean soup for tonight's dinner that will be in the crock pot. Yum Yum! Can't wait for it!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Officially signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K!

It's hard having 2 runners in the household.
You both have races you want to do and the races you want to do usually are not the same. lol.
So the husband and I had to figure out his plan but I already have a list of races I knew I want to do.
On that list is the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k held this year in April. Fingers crossed for no freak snow storms or ice/sleet storms like years past!

I finished Couch 2 10K week 4 this past weekend and everything seems to be going well. You are asking yourself "Ummm what happened to the other weeks?" Well I tried it out more to have some type of program to run and found that I was more than capable to do it at that week so I stuck with it.

Except.... on Friday after I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill I decided to move some boxes ( I kept seeing them from the treadmill and it was driving me NUTS!) that weren't heavy but just in a weird spot and since then my back has been not so great. I did however manage to run 3 + miles yesterday on the treadmill without any pain. I still woke up this morning with some back pain but now with a kink in my neck. Sigh.

Unfortunately I can't rest today. The youngest goes back to her PDO program (Yahoo!) while the oldest doesn't go back to school til Wednesday :(  So we'll be running errands today. One of those errands is to go to our local butcher shop and asking where they get their meat from. Why am I asking this? Well we watched  Food Inc. the movie last night. If you haven't watched it, it's a must see. I've always thought we've become a society of convenience in the last 30 years and this only solidified it for me. I was disappointed in our government and the companies that have created such a stronghold on the food industry. Since I had 2 bags of Tyson chicken breast in my freezer (toss) and we have no more meat in our house we need to find a new meat and chicken resource. So we'll be researching local CSA's.

Have you seen the movie? How has it impacted your life?