Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't let the door hit you on the ass 2011

I am more than looking forward to 2011 going bye bye. At least imo the last 6 months have been a suck, with the last month in general being a big suck.

While I wish I can type out all of the races I have planned for next year I feel silly doing it when I don't even have new shoes yet! Ugh. The shoe situation is not great so if anyone knows anyone at Brooks or Mizuno or Vibram who would love a review by an overpronator with Plantar Fasciitis who is on the road back from injury please send them my blog info! Thank you! ;)

I think on New Years day I'll post my goals for the year. I will start with weekly, monthly goals and review often. My brain is pretty much mush after thinking about this so much this past week.

So until next year my bloggy friends...

Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm thinking way to hard and I'm forgetting things...

like posting my gifts from the 2nd annual holiday blogger gift exchange hosted by Jill! First I received a card from Kandi saying she left out the card from the gift. Thing is that I had yet to receive the package. I then received the package on Christmas Eve so it was basically the only gift I got for Christmas, go Kandi!

What a great bloggy gift! All things that I enjoyed getting especially the run sticker. I've lost magnets in the car wash on my truck so I prefer stickers. So thank you Kandi!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The year in review and the December Promise

Last December I had a post with my goals for this year outlined. It was a recap of 2010 and some ideas for 2011.

Be a better parent to my kids: Paige because I need more patience with her and especially Avery to help her get out of her Autism shell.

I think I did better with this in the last couple of months than at the beginning of the year.

Be a better wife. Less criticizing, more complimentary. That's how it was growing up around me, so I really have to work on being the opposite of that.

Work in progress. I at least got my husband to admit he was not good at plumbing when our shower faucet fiasco a few weeks ago happened.

Loose weight and get healthy.

Well that was good and bad. At the beginning of the year I was able to focus, change my eating habits (vegetarian for Lent) and commit to a class at the gym. I was able to loose weight and feel better about myself. Then half way through the year I had a repeat of my foot issues from last year and my depression has deepened and I in turn gained all the weight I lost and then some. Ugh I really hate the "and then some."

Be a better runner. In endurance, in form, in attitude and preparedness. Just an all around better runner.

For the first part of the year I was able to better thought it was a slow start.

I felt the worse at the Shamrock Shuffle

I felt the best at the Wisconsin Kenosha Marathon/Half Marathon . 

Then well Das Boot part II over the summer due to the  Demon Left Foot return. I had to stop running and I basically stopped everything else due to my depression. I'm trying to crawl my way back out of my depression but it's been very hard.

Redemption in October. Yes I am going back to Chicago. This year we will be raising money for Autism research. And I say we because I believe I have my husband conned into running it with "me". 

Did not run it nor did my husband run it. I did raise over $1,200 for Autism research. That made me feel really good this year.

I will not freak out if I somehow get into the NY Marathon. No really I won't freak out. Well maybe just a little. 

Very glad this did not happen considering all of my foot and money issues the past 6 months. NY is still a wonderful dream for the future.


So while looking back at the past year has been depressing it's more depressing just looking at the December Promise which I just had goals for a month.

It was a lot of goals though now that I look at it. I was trying to make a 180 in almost every aspect of my life. What I need to start doing is small changes every day to not be overwhelmed and frustrated if I fail at one thing.

I did two positive things today. 1) I spent a half hour on the treadmill and 2) I tossed the Christmas food leftovers into the trash.

One day at a time.

Monday, December 26, 2011

So long Christmas 2011

For the first time ever we took our tree down the day after Christmas. It was a huge, beautiful real tree this year. Ever since we put it up Avery has been putting her hands in the water basin underneath it. I've basically yelled her daily for crawling up under the tree and putting her hands in the water. We thought it was just a water thing. She loves water and will play with it forever if you let her.

After getting the tree outside and out of the basin my husband found these:

There was also a little pterodactyl that she somehow managed to get in there.


For the little girl who can't talk and just wanted her little toys she kept getting yelled at and punished for the last two weeks. How crappy. These little things she plays with and are things she's collected while leaving therapy or school. Easy items for these places to give up so she can transition from activity to activity without a meltdown.

She wasn't being naughty on purpose. She just wanted her toys. She couldn't tell us they were in there either. We have no pecs cards for missing little toys like that.  We didn't know they were missing because they are toys she doesn't play with every day or sleeps with. So she's been frustrated that she couldn't get these things out and freaked out when we took the tree out of the living room. When I washed off the toys and handed them back to her she stopped crying and just sat on my lap. She's been quiet ever since she got them back. She may not be playing with them at this very minute but at least she can get to them if she wanted to.

Freaking Autism. Sigh.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

I'm not a fan of doing anything last minute.

I hate being late so doing stuff at the last minute sends my anxiety really high.

Last year I did my shopping later than I usually do but I am very precise when I shop. I have a list. I know what shops to go to. Not only that but I know where to go in the store. Which I think helps cut down on all of the craziness of last minute shopping. Because one of the things about stores and malls that I hate is crowds. People just turn into assholes and well if you can be an asshole welcome to the Queen B of Bitches. ;)

I can't really say I did it all at the last minute. I did buy two things online for Paige at the beginning of the month. So I head a head start on her's but the little one's was much harder. I had a list of things to get her but as my husband and I talked about the list, the things were mostly therapy aides. Who the hell gives therapy aides as a Christmas gift for a kid with Autism? Sigh. So while I know I can buy xyz with the money from her PeePaw aka Grandpa she'll be getting some regular toys on Christmas morning.

A few of the places I ended up during my last  minute shopping last night;

Ikea: holy hell, why can't this one store be designed for normal people who don't want seizures AND why can't there be a big sign pointing to the lot or drive. I got what I needed for less money than anywhere else. Thank you!

Meijer's: Completely forgot this one Meijer's was behind the outdoor mall near Ikea. Nobody was in the store, the staff was helpful, what I wanted was on CLEARANCE, and the cashiers were standing out in the aisles asking to help you. Awesome time there.

Kohls: They were basically picked over but I had a gift card to buy stuff and I didn't have to deal with any lines. Bonus.

Target: Not bad. I got a few things for the girls, got myself some wine. There was no lines and the staff was friendly.

Walmart: WTF. I got what I "needed" and went to check out which took me longer than actually looking for my stuff. The problem with Walmart is that everybody and their brother thought 10pm was a prime time to check out. It also is the prime time for a staff turn over and lanes closing. Yeah not good. There was also 2 ladies ready to duke it out as I was leaving due to overcrowding on a lane. WTF. Merry F'ing Christmas Walmart people.


Part of the whole Christmas process that we tried this year was the Elf on the Shelf. Now the whole idea about the Elf was that he comes to your home, your kids name him or her and they watch over the house every day and flies back to the north pole every night and tells Santa whether or not they have been good or bad. In turn this is supposedly to help the behavior of the children in the house.

HaHaNo. This little shit did not help with attitude after day 1 or 2. Well at least with the big one. The little one you could tell when she saw him and her face lit up that she was excited. She didn't really know what the heck he was there for and it didn't curtail any "bad" behavior.

While I don't think the Elf actually helped my oldest with having a better attitude it did become a new holiday show to love. I just happened to see a commercial for the Elf on the Shelf show the day after Thanksgiving. It was a great little story and it has a very catchy song that my oldest LOVES. Like basically she knows it's coming and gets off the couch and clears a space for her to dance. It's very cute and the elves don't look creepy like they do in the Polar Express movie (right?)

So finding a spot for this damn Elf was hard after about a week. Why? Well the little one would never get the concept of not touching something like that so I thought at the time I put the Elf out. So he's always been up and away from little hands.

So a few of the places he's been are...

First day arrival while the girls were at school.

Easy peasy, above our tv.

Hells yeah the medals are forbidden to be touched in my house. lol.

Playing with the barrel of monkeys.
So every morning I ask the oldest so where's "Chinnie" our Elf? She was always ecstatic about where she found him. Sometimes saying it was silly about where he was or what he was doing. I never made him do anything naughty. They don't need any help with ideas to being naughty. I mean I know there are blogs and blogs about all the creative stuff people's Elves are doing but man my kids know how to do bad all by themselves they don't need any help!


What was so weird this year was Avery's fascination with not our tree in all of it's glory but the water basin for our real tree. Holy cow. This kid would not leave it alone. I thought I was able to cover the water enough that she didn't bother it. HaHaNo. Today at least I had to tell her about 30 times to get away from the tree. Her sister was all over her butt as well to get her to leave the tree alone, "You are going to be on the naughty list Sissy!"

The one thing (actually 3) that was left alone pretty much this season were my Santa's on my side table. Now I've had these since way before these little munchkins came along. Along with a bunch of FRAGILE  ornaments I put on display completely out of their way. Well I said to Paige the day we put these Santa's out, that if she were to touch them that it meant something bad would happen. * Snort * Little did I know it would translate into, "Sissy if you touch them you'll end up dead!" Oops.
So what happened with my Santa's? Nothing. They have looked at them, lightly touched them but have left them ALONE. Miracle.

I love my Santa's...

It might seem weird to be so protective of Christmas decorations but these are things I started collecting before I even moved out of my parents house. My Grandmother had this amazing huge nativity scene creche that was made out of plaster and hand painted. It was huge and beautiful. A few years ago it was washed away during a flood at my Aunt's house. Sigh. I'll never forget it. It was one of my favorite memories of my childhood. I hope that one day that my kids will one day see the Christmas decorations I have collected over the years as something they can keep and pass on to their kids. Even if it is that damn Elf on the Shelf.

Do you have any collectibles you collect for Christmas or holiday?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It didn't suck and that was awesome

Life has been pretty crazy the past week. By the weekend we finally had a working shower and flushing toilet. Ugh. I don't want to go through that again. It pretty much sucked any and all available funds and some not so available to take care of this problem. Ugh. Which has led me to have the worst attitude ever. It's just not a great situation especially with Christmas this week.

With it being Christmas we have a few things to get out of the way before the big day. The oldest this morning had her holiday school program. She had to learn the song  32 feet and Eight little tails by Gene Autry. Thank goodness it was on ITunes or she would have not learned it. "Mommy I have to hear the music to sing it" she would say.  Our paperwork said the program started at 9:30am and unlike most of the parents we were early. The thing about school productions is it brings out people you had no idea lived in your neighborhood. I also now know the woman next to me lost a bunch of weight because they took out a 30lb mass from her abdomen. People left and right were asking her about it and I was just amazed by all of this. 

All the kids were so well behaved (better than the adults!) and put on a great show.

They sang it all very well and though she doesn't look like she's singing she was opening her mouth at least. LoL. My husband was able to take off this morning to see it but with the bathroom b.s. last week he had to go back into work so the afternoon shenanigans were up to me by myself.

The next thing on our list was to go see Santa and it was up to me to take them on my own.

The last couple of years we have gone to see Santa at the local Bass Pro Shop. Santa's free and he's got the real beard and all that jazz. I was worried as we were heading out that way that it would be crowded since it seemed that people were everywhere. When I pulled into the parking lot I saw a bunch of school buses. Seriously? The reason I was getting worried is that with Avery it's just hard for her to wait, and to take turns. Paige can be helpful at times but I didn't tell her we were seeing Santa just going for a surprise. She realized it was Santa when we pulled into the parking lot. Then her excitement went into over drive and I had no idea if she still had her listening ears on.

As we walked through the parking lot I saw who the school buses belonged to. It was like it was a sign. The buses belonged to a local Christian special needs school. They range from elementary to high school children. They also have a specialized Autism program. I knew when I saw that that maybe I picked the right time to come to see Santa and God was giving me a break today. 

And by the grace of God the Santa area was practically empty. No line. We walked right up and waited for a screaming/terrified baby and laughing parents (it seriously was one of those funny moments!) to be done and we took our turn.

Waiting patiently!

The Smurfs had to come along to see Santa too.
Excitement in overdrive.
Personally I love these. They turned out awesome. The girls were so well behaved. Avery is looking at the camera in almost all of the pictures I took.

No meltdowns, no waiting in line, everybody was awesome.  This was certainly a highlight to my holiday so far!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot (Sweaty) Mama Winner! and can your vote for me?

There was actually 14 entries in the give away! The winner chosen by was:
who was Run with Jess ! So Jess send me an email at with your mailing address.

There is this great local company here called  Cute Running Shirts and they have wonderful running shirts and even a cute jacket. On their Facebook page Cute Running Shirts they are having a contest for the race picture with the most votes so if you can it would be really great if you can scroll down and vote for this picture of me:

* I promise I won't bombard all of my posts with a vote me please either! I promise!

This is the best race picture of me ever and it would be fun to win this contest! Thank you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excuses or Reasons? some thoughts on water at races, plus My Memories winner!

Are these excuses or reasons?

1. A sick household. For the last 10 days one or both of the kids have been sick. Also I am sick now. This all means I have not been able to get to the gym. Today the oldest is sick again. Bad cough and has been up since 3 because of it. I've been up since 3 because of it as well. I mean when she walks into your room to ask to fix her "special toy" then I'm pretty much up for the day because I can't fall back asleep due to my anxiety rearing it's ugly head because of number 2.  

2. I've been up since 3 the last couple of days because of a house issue that developed on Sunday. My house was built in the 1940's. The last major bath remodel this house saw was in the early 80's if that. Our faucet has been slowing dying in our shower for awhile. We finally went to replace it on Sunday. We found out that there are no shut off valves in the walls for the shower and sink. I had this whole thing wrote out about the status and basically I should say, "it's a clusterfuck of epic proportions" and now we have to find a money tree to pay to fix it enough so we can use our shower again and have a properly working toilet. I also have to pray that my Dad and husband can work together and not kill each other to get the f*cker fixed.

3. Christmas. Why does major stuff have to happen around a holiday? Number 2 pretty much means that the only people getting gifts will be the girls. I know people will understand but it still sucks.

4. So number 2 has pretty much f*cked us for other things. Whatever extra money we were going to use for shoes *poof* gone. I can't or shouldn't run until I get new shoes. My injury history is the biggest evidence for me to not chance it.

So excuses or reasons for not being able to work out? I ask because sometimes I think reasons are glorified excuses. My Dad was rattling off a list of what he thought were reasons for him to not fly to Georgia for Christmas to see my sister and her family. I looked at him and said those are excuses and he's like well I guess so. He has had a double knee replacement and going through security is a pain so he has a list of why he doesn't like to travel by air.

How do you differentiate between an excuse or a justified reason? Is there a difference? If you are trying to justify it is it because you have guilt for not doing what you are suppose to be doing?

If so I am so guilty of not working harder at December to Remember. Sigh.

So there is still a lot of chatter of what happened to the runners at the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon. With a serious number of runners becoming violently ill on the course and after for days. 

San Diego-based Competitor Group, which owns all the Rock 'n' Roll events around the country, said the water distribution process is not unusual. CEO Peter Englehart said that is not only standard operating procedure for his company's events around the country, but for almost all major running events.
"That's the plan, and we have it in every city. We've done it in Las Vegas the past two years, and we've been assured by the water district that it's potable," Englehart said.
"It's the process we've followed in 25 other cities around the country. Every big event in the country does that, and even some smaller events."

I have never heard of this at all. I've been pretty skived out by the idea of this since reading this. I've done a total of 19 races in the past 3 years and I don't remember seeing hydrants open and hoses on the course. Especially at the 2 Rock and Roll Chicago Half's I've done. I even asked Speedy if she remembered seeing hoses on the course and she said no. Than I have to get all Chicago with my thinking and going "wth. I doubt it because hello I sincerely doubt the fire dept would allow it. right?" Especially if it's a hot dry day like the 2010 Rock and Roll Chicago Half was.

So a blogger decided to look up the actual use of water from other marathons. You can see the post here: Running at the Speed of Me From what she has gathered so far is that it's not really prevalent like the President at Competitor was saying. 

Than if you scroll down through the comments there is an Anonymous comment:
Anonymous said... 
  The Chicago marathon DOES!!! use fire hydrant water. You can ask whoever you want and they WILL respond HOWEVER they want but next time why dont you start calling the FIRE DEPARTMENTS of that town and start out ASK them!! In fact Chicago marathon have their own special meters they store at 1 fire house and they go and get it every year. so if you are going to start posting stuff at least make sure you ASK the right people! Because once again YOU are posting half truths!December 13, 2011 5:18 AM
OK. First off I hate it when people play the Anonymous crap on comments. Second I saw PALLETS and PALLETS of water at Chicago. How did I see that? Because I was going into them to get myself water before they were taken away!!!!! So maybe there were hoses on the course to clean up the crappy ass cytomax that makes the streets sticky as all hell. But I have personally seen bottled water and gloved volunteers on the course at least at the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

What do other racers say? Have you seen hoses and garbage cans out on the streets of major races in order to supply water to it's runners? Does anybody else get freaked out by this idea now? Are you going to pony up money for an ultra expensive race like the Rock and Roll series in order to get hydrant water on the course that may or may not make you sick? Ick. I doubt I ever will.

The winner of the  My Memories digital scrap book   is Andrea from Not Just Saying. Contact me at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Runner Silhouette (Girl) RUNNERDecal

Christmas Wish List 2011 part 1

Spring Marathon Training
Buy Mens Brooks Sunshield Visor Headwear at Road Runner Sports
$16 -

So if you've been on you see all these beautiful clothes all put together in a collage. If you use you can make your own collages. Well there's always ton of high fashion wonderful outfits. FYI I am REALLY fashionable on Pinterest compared to my daily yoga pants and gym shoes. 

So I love the idea of putting together really cute running outfits because well to me these are "goal outfits". You know when I get to goal weight. Sounds silly but it's something to look forward to.

I have loved this black long sleeved shirt from Run Pretty Far ever since I saw it in the Runners World holiday issue. The Fila Skirt Capri from Kohls I've actually bought for myself in an XL but it was to big and they don't carry it in the store so I couldn't exchange it right away. The blue Brooks visor is on my list because almost every single race pic I have is of me and my white visor. I figured I'll change it up in 2012. A Nike jacket for colder weather will be great as well as a two bottle Nathan Speed 2 Belt with a Velcro closure. I have a Nathan with a clip closure and I hated it last year. I kept having to tighten it up and with my Fuel belt with the Velcro  I never had to do it. The Wigwam Ironman Express socks are my go to socks for running.  The Manzella gloves are able to be used with your IPhone and other touch screen stuff. Good to have! The Mizuno Alchemy's are most likely on my list for my next shoe.

I had to label this set of clothes for Polyvore and I called it Spring Marathon Training because I would imagine this cute little ensemble could get someone through the long days of marathon training this winter/spring!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My race history

Do you use to keep track of your races? I think I started using it last year at some point and it just basically gathers all of your races in one spot with your final time, your place in your age group and it also shows how well or bad you did compared to the average runner or the winner of that group. It also gives you the ability to look how you've progressed or as in my case regressed due to injury & weight gain. I can't deny that a lot of bad performances and injury in the last two years isn't related to my weight gain.

In 2009 when I started to run you can see the progress I made. My first 8K (my first race ever!) was a whopping 1:14:38 and that was in March. In November I did another 8K and my time was 1:04:30. A huge 10 min PR in a matter of 9 months. Pretty awesome I think.  My 5K time went from 41 mins to about 38 mins as well.

The thing about 2009 is that is when I hit 50lbs loss with Weight Watchers and when I was at my lowest weight since having kids at 169lbs.

At the end of 2009 is when I threw my back out not once but twice. It's been hard to come back from that. I've really struggled. This is evident in my next two years of racing.

Had to add in that RnR Chicago Half since I ran it under my friends BIB.
Everything seemed to go down hill here. The Downers Grover 5 and 10 Mile Run is when my PF was proving to be a huge pain. It's where I started to have issues with my Achilles tendon as well. This year is also when I realize now(2011) that I was slacking in strength training. In 2009 my routine was run 1day/cardio+strength the next and repeat. Runners seem to forget the need to strength train. It's very important to have a well rounded routine so that you hit all muscles that you need. The lesson here is: Don't slack and don't forget your weights!

*Also that Alexian Brothers Fitness for America Half Marathon that says I took 11:25:55 was way wrong it was 3:25 or something like that. That was also the Piss Poor Production race but compared to what I've been reading about RnR Las Vegas and this past weekends horrible Hot Chocolate 5k/15k in DC umm yeah they look like rock stars compared to that b.s. racers had to endure.

So the end of 2010 I started physical therapy for tendinitis and my plantar fasciitis. What would be determined this year (nice huh?) was a muscle tear I had done in the Chicago Marathon. This is what sidelined me for a good couple of months and put the Chicago Marathon out of my head this year.

It started out sorta of good. Within 2 months I knocked off 6 minutes from 5K time at the start of the year. Good. First race back from injury and it was slick and colder than can be and I still did it.

Really the best part of this year was the Wisconsin Half Marathon. The few months preceding the race I took part in a Largest Loser workout class at the park district. I was strength training and doing cross training on my off days of running or at night of a run day. I knocked 20+ mins from my half marathon time from the previous year and I was damn proud of myself.

So it's pretty obvious here. More strength training, more cross training and LESS weight equals a better race life!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are you a Hot (Sweaty) Mama? Give Away!

Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom (Andrews McMeel 2011)
The ladies have welcomed me along their virtual book tour today! Woot! Woot! Anyone who is a new Mom can use a little bit of encouragement to put themselves first. This is exactly what authors Kara Douglas Thom and Laurie Lethert Kocanda of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom (Andrews McMeel 2011) are trying to convey to the readers of this book.  I know the first few months of being a new Mommy are hard but a lot of times we loose ourselves and this is something after having 2 kids I can tell you from my heart don't do it.  It's a long road back to being you. Reading this book will be a great reminder to keep yourself a priority.

Author Q&A
Q & A with Kara Douglass Thom 
What makes Hot (Sweaty) Mamas different from other fitness books for busy moms?
Hot (Sweaty) Mamas is not a how-to-get-your-body-back-after-baby book. It’s about how to make or keep fitness as a priority as a mother; how to protect that priority so that fitness becomes a habit in our hectic lives. But the other important component of this book is how to make fitness a family endeavor so that we not only get fit ourselves but also raise fit kids.

Why is it so important for moms to take care of themselves as good as they take care of their children? 
I think it’s interesting that while we’re pregnant we take inordinately good care of ourselves. We do this, of course, because we want what’s best for our baby. So why don’t we carry on that thinking after the baby is born? Most expecting moms realize the benefits exercise has for them while pregnant and will make that extra effort to workout. Same goes with our nutrition and avoiding unhealthy behaviors. Of course, a baby changes everything and our focus innately shifts. But it’s important to know that we don’t have to be attached with an umbilical cord for our healthy behaviors to benefit our children. Feeling good physically and mentally undoubtedly makes us better at parenting. Laurie and I could do our own study that surveys our children’s opinion of us as moms before and after a workout. Trust us, they prefer the post-workout mommy. Besides, it all comes around anyway. Our children grow up watching us take care of ourselves and pursuing fitness, which means they’re more likely to grow up fit and healthy, too. And what mom doesn’t want that for her kids?

What has surprised you the most about being a fit mom?
When I became a mother I felt that my kids limited my fitness options, and I let them to a certain extent, because I was still trying to accomplish the same fitness routine I had before having children. But after I started to get creative and expand my fitness options, whether that meant doing a workout with my kids around or trying a new group fitness class because it worked around the nap schedule, fitting in workouts became easier. So in this sense, children didn’t impose limits, they gave me more options.  And now I feel more well-rounded, challenged and excited about exercise.

Aside from personal health and wellness, what’s another benefit to being a fit mom?
Being a fitness mentor for your kids. Whether I’m leaving them behind to pursue a workout or including them in, I know I’m showing my children that fitness is a family value. When I workout it really isn’t “me time” anymore, I’m also setting a good example for my children.

What’s your favorite way to get sweaty?
That’s like asking me which child I like most! I can’t possibly name favorites. Besides, I have exercise ADD. Running, snowshoeing, swimming, cycling, Zumba, Yoga. Whatever I can escape to do or whatever I can do with one to four kids along is my favorite exercise of the moment.

Q & A with Laurie Lethert Kocanda
What is the biggest fitness mistake moms make?
There’s a big misconception out there that you need large chunks of time to make fitness worthwhile. With that attitude, it’s easy to see why so many moms give up on exercise. The biggest mistake moms make is adopting an all-or-nothing attitude about fitness. Motherhood is full of the unexpected, which oftentimes means things don’t go according to plan. When that happens we have to be content with Plan B, maybe develop a Plan C on the fly, if we’re going get and feel fit. Any exercise is worth when you consider both the mental and physical benefits. You are making small deposits that will eventually pay off. Guaranteed.

How can other members of the family support a mom’s fitness goals?
Having a good support network is essential if Mom’s fit lifestyle is going to take hold. Family members can help by providing encouragement and support—both in action and in word—whenever possible. Help keep Mom accountable by asking about her workouts; show her what a wonderful mentor she is by joining her whenever possible. In this way, she’ll be encouraged to continue on her path to fitness.

What about moms who are too busy for exercise?
Finding time to exercise is really about identifying and living by the priorities in our life. Moms often say they are too busy taking care of their families to fit in exercise, but we have to ask, “Aren’t you a member of the family, too?” In fact, aren’t you a pretty important part of the family equation? Most moms don’t let their kids skip a soccer practice or swim lesson, but don’t hold themselves equally accountable to their fitness endeavors. We have to be creative, but like everything in life that holds value, we will give time to the stuff that really matters.

In your book you talk about how there’s more than one way to exercise. Explain how this applies to new moms and what they can do.
Moms should take comfort knowing that the benefits of exercise are not lost in the absence of a good calorie-burning, cardio-pumping sweat. There are a number of other reasons to workout, beyond maintaining physical fitness and athletic training. So moms who find motherhood more exhausting or time-consuming than they anticipated can fall back on the other reasons to workout, the other types of fitness. For example, some semblance of sanity is the goal when we exercise for mental health. This form of fitness is less about what you’re doing and more about why your doing it. Protective exercise is the foundation on which everything else we do is based; it includes things like strength training, yoga, and Pilates. This flavor of fitness doesn’t require a gym membership or equipment, which is nice for a mom who is less likely to leave the house to workout. A simple routine of squats, pushups, pull-ups and plank are all you need. Truly, exercise doesn’t always have to get you hot and sweaty to be worth your time.

You mention mother guilt as a big barrier to fitness. What is it and how can I keep it in check?
Mother Guilt is that little voice that comes from within telling you it’s selfish to choose a workout over another more “important” mommy task. And while sometimes it is good to listen to your inner voice, too much banter from Mother Guilt is usually an indication that you’ve set unrealistic expectations of yourself and of motherhood in general. “Putting family first” does not mean ignoring your personal wellbeing. You are, after all, a pretty important part of the family, right?
Mother Guilt is prone to unexpected visits. If you want your fit life to take hold, you must first do a little mental training to prepare. Start by identifying your preconceptions of motherhood; perhaps what you thought were parenting no-nos might actually have a place in your life. Maybe 30 minutes of television isn’t so bad if it frees up some time for you to squeeze in a quick workout. Challenge what you’ve accepted as parenting truths and get realistic about what life is really like.
Next, take some time to write down what’s important to you, what values you want to impart on your children. Then work to make health and fitness a value you act on—a priority to which you allocate some time each day. If laundry gets more attention than you do, it’s time to do some more mental work. Saying “no” to something that isn’t a priority will feel good when you use the time freed to attend to something that is. Especially if it means saying goodbye to Mother Guilt.


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Biggest Loser Marathon Episode

I haven't watched Biggest Loser on a regular basis since Michael won it on season 9 I believe. So it's been awhile. It's not that I don't like it but sometimes the product placement, not enough talk about maintaining weight loss, not enough talk about the realistic world where people work and have families? how do you deal with that? Which is probably why last winter I found Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and thought it was better.

Anyways so the marathon episode is a favorite. Even though none of the trainers have ever done a marathon. Right? I at least remember Jillian saying she never would do one. Not such a bad ass are you Jillian? Plus I hated, HATED when Jillian was pissed about Daris gaining weight while training for the marathon. Ugh. Come on! The only one I know who has done marathons was Dr.H because I remember him doing Boston with one of the contestants.

So Jillian is gone. Anna K. came along and she was there for filler I suppose but Dolvett made up for her ten fold. Hubba Hubba Hubba.

At the beginning of the season they were all brought out to the desert so for logic they decided to bring the marathon back to the vast, open, hot, not scenic stifling desert. Wow. Who thought of this crap? Did they not want to pay for road fees in CA?

The marathon secrets were blown when Runners World did a special Biggest Loser Marathon Issue. Well you can see part of it during some of the marathon shows but vans follow along the contestants with medical care and nutritional supplies on only partially shut down roads. So someone thought brilliantly let's bring them to the desert! In wide open spaces with no shade in the blazing sun with regular cotton t shirts. Really regular cotton t shirts? Couldn't pop for some dry-max shirts NBC?

Again no talk about nutrition or hydration. In the desert. In the blazing sun.

The Dr.H starts to pull people such as Vinnie (omg I love him!) and the guy who was at mile 21 who I think was Joe right? Ok no I understand that they didn't want him to permanently hurt himself so he wouldn't be able to continue to loose weight. I get that. BUT he was so close. I would have knocked Dr.H on his ass. The guy was in almost tears.

Will Joe ever take it upon himself to sign up for a marathon? The momentum was there. Heck they let those others walk in the dark for 11 hours and they couldn't let him walk 5 more miles? Sigh. We'll all have our opinions about this but so many people do so much more just to finish a race especially a marathon that we, us runners know the pain of not finishing what we started. That mental anguish of not finishing what you started will stay with you for a long, long time. I mean I know what it's like to not get the finish to a race that you wanted but I also know what it's like to get back at it and get a better race. I understand Joe has some really bad physical issues. Such as what I think they said was bonetobone action on his knees. Not good at all. But I've been at my share of races where I've seen participants wear a walking boot to a full leg brace (um yeah she finished ahead of me at that race). So if there's a will there's a way. May not be smart but heck who am I to talk? ;)

One thing that resonated with me and brings out a lot of emotion from me was the tears at the Finish Line. Damn. That feeling of finishing what you started. You know it. I know it. The "whoosh" it's over. I did it. I F'ing did it! To be at the place they are at in their lives coming from where they started is just amazing period. Maybe that's why I'm pissed Joe didn't get to finish what he started nor Vinny. It's hard to sit on the side lines and watch others do what you wanted to do. I hope there is another day for them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How not to confuse your HRM's

Funny story here.

On Friday while I was at the gym I had my Timex Ironman watch and HRM on. I was confused as to why I wasn't seeing my HR. Like really confused. I kept going from screen to screen. I thought to myself "Ok I've read the directions A LOT and I should know this by now!!" I normally keep George my Garmin and Tiny the Timex in the same computer cabinet. Normally they are interwined with the straps but the cabinet is sort of a mess right now and shit is just tossed in there. So when I thought I came better prepared for my day at the gym, I apparently did not. Because when I went to grab the Garmin strap for my run outside on Sunday I actually had the Timex one. WoW. DUH!! Now I know it was just superb user error on Friday at the gym. Way to go goof!

So I did something so I hopefully catch the error quicker:
A little heart of pink nail polish should help. Plus it will keep my husband from wanting to use it now I think.
I can't be the only one whose confused HRM's right? When I realized it on Sunday I was like seriously? what else? I mean they look similar but not that similar considering the big white tag on the side of the Timex strap. Duh.

How's it going for December to Remember? I've not been able to go to the gym the last two days due to little one whose been sick. She's going back to school tomorrow so I'll be back at the gym. I also decided to not run until I get new shoes so hence the no C25K. But I'm kinda happy about one thing. I've been trying forever to get one of my best friends to start running and she finally decided to start C25K!! Yay! I know she can do it and I know she'll do great at it! She's adding it to her bucket list of things she wants to do. Did I mention YAY! yet? lol. YAY!

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Memories digital scrapbook review and give away!!

Do you like scrap booking? Do you like to spend hours on end going through all of your pictures and reliving the memories that came along with those pictures? I know having kids and scrap booking together are both time consuming things.

Liz over at asked if I would like to try theirs and I accepted. I wanted to learn to do more with my pictures that would allow me to make my own holiday cards or use the images to redesign parts of the blog. After exploring the program that I downloaded to my Mac (can be easily downloaded for a PC or a Mac) it looks like a real winner.

These are just a few of the pages that I put together. There are many options to choose from on their site:

This was very easy to do. This is something you can do really quickly in an afternoon (from downloading the program to whipping up cards).

Now you can win one yourself!

1. Be a follower of this blog ( +1 entry, leave a comment) AND
2. Go to and take a look around and tell me which layout or pack you like ( +1 entry, leave a comment) 

Extra Extra Entries:
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Give away is open until Monday December 12th at 11:59 pm. The winner will be chosen by on Tuesday December 13th and posted before noon.

Good luck!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The December to Remember

So far so good.

Worked out 3/4 days so far.

Food has been ok. I went along and had pizza with the husband last night and within an hour of having it  I had a blazing head ache. That's never happened before. So I don't know if it was the carb attack or just something else.

I also decided to switch out the wine I normally have with beer. Now I do love me some beer. But for some reason it's weird drinking a beer at home. I either must love to drink it with 1) friends out and about or 2) at home outside when it's hotter than can be. It just tasted funny. I made the switch since a bottle of Miller Lite is 3 points whereas a glass of chardonnay is about 5/6pts due to the sugars.

Weight Watchers is switching up it's points plus program in 2012. The email I got today stated a welcome change to the mobile app:
Weight Watchers website
When I went back to WW the one thing I missed from My Fitness Pal's IPhone app was the barcode scanner. Ugh. I lamented a lot of how freaking awesome would it be to combine that with the WW app. Someone's ears must have been burning because it looks like they'll be making a change! Yay!! I can't wait for it! Just take a picture of the barcode and tadah! the points are figured out for you! Yay!!

This morning I also continued on with the C25K program. Since it was pretty warm and dry I decided to trek outside. I learned a few things today. One of them was that I need to pay attention to what the run/walk program will be like before I start it. This is what the program looked like today:
I don't know what I was thinking this morning but I was confused at the first 3 minute run section. Well confused is not really what I was thinking. I think it was more along the lines of "WTF. When is this going to end?" LoL. I was probably looking really confused and irritable out on the street today.

Probably more irritated because I stayed in my town/neighborhood to do this instead of heading out on my normal jaunt of heading over to the next town over. Not that I don't like my town but my town's name includes the word Hill. So it's lot's of inclines all over our area especially since we are in the older part of town. And when you say older part of town you think  beautiful old Victorian's but my town not so much. It's all cookie cutter little white houses and ranches. It at one time was part of an area that was built for military personnel who worked down at the old arsenal.

Another thing I learned or was reinforced to me today was that I need new shoes. UGH. My legs were just not happy but I don't have shin splints right now so that's a good sign. When I can find the time to go try some on it probably won't be this week.

If I can have some good thoughts for the health for the little one this week that would be great. All day she basically refused to eat and only wanted liquids. That's the first sign something is wrong. The second was the fact that she fell asleep on the couch at 5. She AND her sister were in bed at 6pm. Normally I would be like "oh this is awesome!" but eh I can't get excited as those are not great signs for the little one to be healthy. Sigh. I've already told the husband that if she stays home from school I am going to the gym when he gets home from work. The only thing is if she is sick tomorrow that means no WW meeting and I'll have to go some other time this week. BLECH.

I do have something awesome to talk about with the little one. She has gone on the potty more since I first talked about it at Thanksgiving! She has even motioned and maneuvered her aide at school that she wanted to sit on the potty. Even though she didn't go at school it's a HUGE step for her. What's even more awesome is her saying "ilk!" which means "Milk!" YAY!! All Good Things! Go Avery!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My December Promise

So if you are on the super duper suck you in thing called Pinterest you might have seen this picture:
train eat sleep
Those are all great goals. Nothing to extreme or anything that puts down obese women. All health conscience daily goals. Perfect. That's what I need.

In addition to those these are my goals:

  • No more chinese food. Seriously.
  • Prepare my meals ahead of time. Even if that means the one who does not like to eat leftovers who shall remain nameless * cough * cough * has to fend for himself than so be it. 
  • Veggies are my friend. I had a great day eating wise Tuesday. Because I stuffed myself with veggies and never really felt hungry. Wednesday not so much and it sucked.
  • Track. Track. Track all of my food. Good bad. Either way. Just because I don't track it doesn't mean it won't show up on my body. So I must hold myself accountable. 
  • Go to my Weight Watchers meetings weekly. Don't go to just weigh in but to actually stay for a meeting. Again I must hold myself accountable. 
  • Figure out why food has a real control over me and how to figure out how to reverse it. This is a huge issue for me right now. I've never felt so helpless when it comes to food like I do right now.
  • Work on my depression. This is hard because this is the time of year when my Mom started to get sick and subsequently passed away. So it can be thought time consuming. I also have to deal with my Dad and his general attitude for now until next year basically. :(
  • Make the gym a habit. For our anniversary I got to rejoin a local gym (not the one I loved :(  but another one near by) just so I can have a reason to get out of the house at night and not eat crap food.
  • Make a plan and stick with it. 
  • In all other words... I need to rock December for myself like nobody's business!!