Tuesday, January 10, 2012

come on!

What happened to my kid? She would go to bed so easily before. Than one day she figured out she could climb out of her crib and it's been shit sleep since.

Yes. I know an almost 4 year old (May) was in a crib. She has Autism and it was a safety issue. Still is. For a couple of weeks after the great escape it would take some work to put her to bed but it was quick.

Then Christmas break happened. She was great. Going to bed awake, but rolled right over and went to sleep just like the old days. I would put the weighted blanket on her and it was like "ohhh" and off to sleep she went. 

Then the day before school restarted it started all over again. She wants to sleep on me. If she could she would be back in my uterus. It's that bad.

My husband has been the best at getting her in bed. 1) I think he puts some type of "Daddy means business" scene around him and 2) he has no uterus so it's a no win situation there for her.

I even went to the health food store to get an anxiety/calming herbal agent to help her. Unfortunately the one I got tastes and smells like black licorice. I hate it and well so does she. I have some recommendations for flavorless options that I can add to her milk but not sure when I can get it.

Tonight was incredibly awesome. I spent an hour in her room in the dark, rubbing her face and her back bent over leaning into her crib. My back has been hurting for a few days but this was where I was having my breakdown. I couldn't do it anymore. I was frustrated. I'm tired. I just walked out of her room and closed the door behind me. After a few minutes my husband had enough of her climbing out of bed and hanging out at the door and he went in and put her to bed. Ten minutes later she was out.

I've been lucky. These two have had no sleep issues unless they were sick or going through a growth spurt that required more frequent nursing.  Crying it out was easy when they were infants. ( I know people think it's cruel but I only had to do it with the one who wants to be back in my uterus so there ya go that was a big sign of things to come!)  Doing it as toddlers doesn't have the same affect, imo. And she's loud. I can hear her screaming outside my house. I would prefer to not have my neighbors call DCFS because she's screaming bloody murder.

So now what? Any ideas? Tips?

In all of that while she's been at school the last two days I've gotten on the treadmill for almost 40 minutes every morning and since we have had unseasonable warm weather in the greater Chicagoland area the last couple of days I've taken the little shit who won't go to sleep nicely anymore for walks before we pick up her partner in crime from Kindergarten. Two aday workouts are nice but damn I'm beat!!


  1. ARGH. Ben had such sleep issues too - he still has some. Right now he's taken to wanting to sleep with us. And he gets up about 2000 times a night. we're working on it.

    He started escaping his crib right before his 3rd birthday! no matter what we did this kid Houdini'd himself out. So we've been in a toddler bed for a while.

  2. Ack. So hard. And I SO hear you on "please don't let the neighbors call DCFS on me because my kid is screaming like I'm stabbing him!" Oh yeah.

    I hope you get it all figured out soon. It's so tough. (James was in a crib WAY long for that exact reason. I think he was almost 4 when we moved him to a toddler bed. He JUST - like over break - got a real bed).

  3. Oh my heart goes out to you - sleep deprivation makes it so hard to function, especially in times when you need more energy (running) and patience (to do pretty much every thing else life).

  4. Sleep deprivation sucks! I'm so sorry. My kids are not and never have been good sleepers, but my son who has some sensory issues really benefited from a low dose of melatonin to help him fall asleep. He is just so sensitive that he would get overstimulated at bedtime and every little thing would tweak him a little further (the sheets not laying correctly, the tag in his shirt, etc). He couldn't get his brain to shut down for sleep. The super low dose of melatonin helps that. But otherwise, we use Rescue Remedy Sleep and Valerian Super Calm herbal supplements with my other son when he's having trouble. I also love essential oils like lavendar to help ease them into sleep.

  5. Maybe you need to make tag teaming bedtime the ritual, where you put her down then your husband comes in and REALLY puts her down for the night?

    All the exercise has to help, right?

    Hang in there!

  6. Feeling for you! Living w/o sleep is tough on everyone. I wish I had some advice to share, but I come up empty on this one. Good luck!!