Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'll raise you put me to bed awake with...

I'll sleep at the door anyways.

I wrote on my last post about our issues with Avery going to sleep here.  Tonight after sitting on my lap for over an hour I knew she was ready for bed. Plenty of yawning and curled up with her blankie. So after an hour I put her down with a lot of fighting. I walked out, closed her door and got her sister ready for bed. She made some noise, got out of her crib, turned her light on and promptly laid down at her door. A few minutes later it was awfully quiet and it turns out she was zonked out at her door.

Yeah try to tell me your little butt isn't tired. I don't think so!

So you know those people who don't believe in global warming? Yeah ok they must not live in the midwest.  Yesterday it was beautifully sunny and in the mid 50's.

Today it's this crap:

Sigh. When is spring again?


  1. We are freezing here all of a sudden - what happened to my nice warm Texan January?!?

    I remember my kids sleeping on the floor by the door - those bedtime battles were NOT fun.

  2. They're calling it "global climate change" now. lol :)

    That's hilarious that she slept in front of the door. I bet she was sore this morning. It hurts my back just thinking about that!

  3. I am so glad my girls don't fight me about bedtime, I've gotten lucky in that respect!! She must have been pooped to crash out in front of her door. It's been crazy warm here this winter, so weird, the climate is definately changing!