Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Facts

1. I have done jack diddly this week besides the Shuffle and take little one to therapy.
2. Even if I wanted to do something I have no means of doing anything because I am currently without a vehicle.
3. The kids are on spring break this week which made the first two days of break kinda of insane with them figuring out they didn't have to go to school and stuff.
4. I do not have a double stroller which meant no runs or walks. Yeah good times.
5. I am reading though. Something I used to do all the time and now am enjoying again.
6. I am rotating between 4 books right now. This is number one:
So far very inspiring and truthful.

7. Next up is this one:
Now this one is ok. I do love the foreword from Richard Simmons but I think I thought it was going to be a lot of before and after stories. So far it's a mix of that along with getting started which isn't bad but it's also a good reminder of 'starting over'. Does anyone else want to meet Richard Simmons or is that just me? I've read stories where when he travels that he brings his own food and never eats in restaurants due to the public scrutiny.  That sounds so sad but then he turns on this vivacious personality to help people. Amazing. 

8. The next one I had been wanting to get for a very long time but waited for the price to go down on Amazon because "I R Cheap".
I actually saw James Ball speak last fall when I went to a one day conference that Temple Grandin was speaking at as well. It was probably the most hopeful I felt after leaving something Autism related ever.  He spoke of the story of the cover of this book. They used a stock photo for the cover. Then a few years later he got a letter from a photographer who had taken the photo. It was of her son. Who later was diagnosed you got it with Autism. I get chills even now typing that out.

9. Yes the new numbers for diagnosed cases of Autism are out.  1 in 88 children. You can read the CDC's report here.  What's wrong with the report? Well for one it's a few years old and two it was only done in 14 states. If the numbers are that high 4 years ago in 14 states what do you think the numbers would be here nation wide? And when does it get to be an epidemic? I know some people think it's over diagnosing. (which usually comes from a non-special needs parent) but the rates of kids NOT being diagnosed is just as high. So I like to see early diagnosis, which leads to early intervention which equals to me a better future. * off of soapbox for now *

10. Little one walked up to me with her little Minnie Mouse purse that she had been filling up with the monkeys from the barrel and said, "Mommy help".  Happy tears today!

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  1. I love the chicken soup series… huge fan of Jack Canfield…

    I agree with you and that study, totally. I'll have to check out that book.