Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Suck it up, Buttercup!

Oy. I did not want to run today. It was already in the mid 70's in my house at 9 am today. The oldest doesn't have school in the am and we didn't have time to go to the gym so if I wanted to get a run in it had to happen in the basement on the treadmill. Normally it's cooler in the basement but today there was a bit of mugginess to go along with the heat and blah. It wasn't great. I even had a fan blowing on me and I felt nauseous at times.

But I got a run in of 3.88 miles in 60 minutes. A routine of a 3minrun to 2minwalk for the whole hour. Which damn amazing for myself right now.
I've always known that when reviewing activities on a treadmill that you should not believe that the treadmill's total of calories burned. Right? This is what the treadmill had at the end today:
440 calories burned
But I wear my HRM when I run. And I get a totally completely different number that doesn't even match up to the regular 100 calories for 1 mile jibber jabber. So this is what the HRM said:

997 calories burned. 
So which one is more believable? This is also the HRM I wear at Zumba. As much as I would like to splurge on a different HRM it's just not possible right now.

Yesterday we had the little one's annual IEP meeting where we go over her progress and talk about the next year and the extended school year. So apparently my little one is being all little rock star for them. Doing things that surprises them everyday. 

She is going beyond the goals of 4 minutes on task/4 minutes of break. She's going to about 15 minutes on task/2minutes of break. The day before she sat with her teacher for 30 minute and attended to an activity. Amazing. 

Then they talked about how much the IPad has helped her and how at first she didn't like that it didn't have her games on it but then realized she could use it to get what she wanted. 

They are very, very excited by the words that have been popping up in her vocabulary. They all believe it won't be long before she has a big explosion of language. 

They talked about how she is recognizing other children in her class and recognizing when they are gone. We talked about how everything with her is routine, routine, routine. If something is amiss her whole day is turned around. 

I was happy to find out that the extended school year will be at her normal school and she won't have to go 1 town over for the classes. But we learned that the summer classes start right after the last day of the school year and she'll have a month long break before the fall session starts. I am hoping we can squeeze more speech therapy sessions in during that time so she'll have something to do while her sister is at day camp.

I know some people dread IEP meetings and I don't blame them at all. Some school districts suck ass. But we've known these people for 3 years now because we dealt with them with our oldest and they all seem like they want the best for her. We also got a compliment from her teacher saying she knows the reason she's progressed so far is because of what we are doing with her at home. Which then my husband reflected to me. Saying it was because I do all the grunt work with her. It was nice. Recognition from her teacher/therapists is nice but it was also wonderful to hear my husband give me the credit. It made for a good day.

And welcome to the world beautiful little boy Isaac! So happy you are in your Momma and Daddy's arms!


  1. Way to go on that run. The dreaded treadmill.

  2. this weather is seriously sucking up my mojo. gross. and I'm NOT ready - I haven't bought any of the stuff the kids need for summer yet!

    SO GOOD JOB getting out there and staying strong. And GOOD JOB to your little one, who is rocking! :)

  3. SO happy to hear your youngest is making such huge progress! 15 mins on task? Okay, not to make light of the situation, but even I find that challenging.

    And way to get that run in in your muggy basement. Who knows about the calorie count! If it was me I would not trust either!

  4. While I like treadmill running for the whole "no hills/no wind" thing, it's dreadfully boring. Nice job sticking with it for so long. As for the calories burned, I've never worn a HRM, but my Garmin usually gives me 100 calories per mile run...and based on my not-super-fast weight loss, I tend to agree with that.

  5. Great job on geting your run in!

  6. Glad you had such a positive IEP meeting. That's really fantastic progress she is making.

    On the treadmill--yeah, I don't trust them either!

  7. great job on the treadmill! I joined a gym just for the treadmill but have been walking all week.. tomorrow will be the first day to the gym this week.. thank goodness I am at the beginning of my marathon training :-)

    It is wonderful that people are acknowledging all the work you are doing for your two girls. I am always impressed when I read the challenge you are dealing with.. you have great spirit.

  8. great job getting the run in!

  9. Congrats on getting the run in. Very nice job.

    That's awesome news about your little one. We have our review coming up with Ben too and we look forward to meeting with them. We've been with the same group for a few years too. It's getting easier. It used to be hard because all we heard was what he can't do and all but now, like you guys, we are starting to hear about his progress. :)