Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Magic Tracker

Yesterday I briefly mentioned the WW Magic Tracker and figured I would do a post about it to fill you in more about this tool that gets passed around at meetings at my location. Weight Watchers has a little booklet that you can track your daily points in if you do not use the etools or the weekly tracker they give you at weigh in.

It looks like this:

It looks like this on the inside where you write stuff down:
Sorry I realize that's not really in focus. eek. And I apparently ate no veggies this day.

The people who have gone on to take the weekly tracker home and track via that way all have had losses. I asked to take it home just because I wanted to see what other people were doing to get losses. Now the comments that were spoken at the meeting varied between "It really kept me more accountable" to "You don't want to be the person who gets a gain with it!" umm great. The weight loss has varied from 3lbs to-almost 9lb losses while taking that thing home for the week.

When I got it home that day I flipped through it and the first thing that caught my eye was that many, many people were eating under their points on a given day. I had to weigh that against that some people got like 71 points! (obviously a guy).  He also had one bad day and if I read the numbers right he had like 58 points for beer. If you do WW um yeah do the math on that one. Though I'm sure I've had my equivalent with wine points at some time in the past. He still didn't go beyond his flex points (I'm old school and call weekly points flex) and he didn't go past his activity points either.

There was nothing in the booklet that stood out to me that was weird eating habits. Everyone ate regular food. It wasn't a bunch of frozen foods. I am not sure if these people were religious food trackers before either.  The hardest part of taking this book home has been tracking in two places. I would write it down in the book and then go rely on my app on my phone for other stuff and then forget to add something. If I had to write it down all the time without the app I would probably forget more I think. I also think I would overcompensate with points like portions. Right now I measure everything so I have it down to the grams for food. I found it was most accurate.

The hardest thing for me for tracking is the activity points. This gives me the biggest headache. I just wish I could get the option of "calories burned = so many activity points" But that's not how it works. They base activity points based off duration and exertion. There are 3 different levels of exertion; low, moderate and high. Now you would think the activity database would be very useful but eh it has it's good points and bad. Good- lot's of Wii game activities. Bad- running while pushing a wheelchair is an activity listed. I kid you not. So yeah WW get with the program and just allow "calories burned = so many activities points" and tell me if I should eat all of my activity points or half. Because I know you shouldn't starve your body and you need to refuel but the balance between the two and the ability to loose weight healthy I believe is very delicate.

Am I making sense OR am I making this more difficult than it should be?

If you do WW how do you track? Paper, phone app or your trusty computer?

Do you use your flex points first than take from your bank of activity points?


Do you take from your activity points daily before taking from your weekly flex points?

Oh and I'm down 3lbs so far just from busting my ass with Jillian and running/walking this week and I've gone over my points daily except yesterday. So riddle me that. LOL.


  1. I use the phone app for all my tracking. I use activity points first, then flex points. On the app for running, it has over 12 mph and under 12 mph. My questions is what if your average is like 12:20 or 12:40, what do you count it as? Obviously some of the running is less than 12 mph but some is not.... I was originally at 29 points but can go down to 26. I have found when i stay at 29 I dont lose, but it's so hard to stay at 26!

  2. Well. I should be better at tracking.

    I've done both… I try to do the paper thing but that never lasts so I try to do the computer/app thing… Sometimes I'm more successful with that.

    I've been tempted to get the booklet.

    I eat every point I'm given. I guess I take from flex first (I still call 'em flex too and when I'm doing uh, "simply filling" I still call that core. drives my leader nuts.)

    Congrats on being down 3 so far. That's fricken awesome.

  3. I'm so interested in the magic tracker - maybe I'll grab ours this week. I rarely touch my activity points. I eat my weekly points first, and then if I absolutely need to I'll dip in to activity. So far, I've had a loss for 9 weeks doing it this way. Today was a good example of when I dip in to activity - I weigh in on Tues (it's Sun), so I have one day left, had used all my weekly pts, was starving tonight due to a 7 mile run/walk in 90 degree heat. So I ended up using 5 of my APs. I'm active enough at this point I'm trying to figure out how many APs I should start eating, because I feel like I need to refuel on big AP days. I hear you on the listed activities...I did a hike with my 26 pound daughter in the hiking pack, looked it up and found "backpacking, no load" - what kind of backpacking is that? And what's up with "running with a wheelchair" but Zumba isn't listed.
    Found your blog via Mama L and have been enjoying it - first comment. Love blogs about women doing WW - always inspirational!