Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh hey...part 2

1.6 miles

That is the equivalent of activity I have done the past week.

I wish I had a grandiose list of reason's why I didn't put any mileage in last week. Between my allergies, attitude and foot it just wasn't feasible.

I tried to explain to my husband the other day what is going on in my foot and I briefly mentioned it here.

So I mentioned there that when I wake up in the am and put my foot down and start walking it's like "crack, crack, pop, pop"
And instead of it stopping after a couple of minutes now it is basically with every step. I just feel I'm very cognizant about everything that goes on with that foot. It just makes for me to be stressed about it. Making for one sore foot and one very grumpy person.

When I had my last MRI on my foot there was mention of arthritis in my big toe/bunion. When I started running with the Mizuno's I didn't really have an issue with them. I also was wearing Superfeet insoles but I started to have horrible shin splints with them but I could also feel the cracking of my big toe with every step. When this started happening I started to worry that it was more than just minor arthritis. I began to think the toebox on the Mizuno might be to narrow for me because I started to have some tingling on the ball of my foot with my last few runs. That can't be good right? With my Brooks I never had 1) tingling or 2) never felt my big toe cracking. 

So has anyone had arthritis that made them stop running?
what did you do to help?

I'm doing all other things to help like I have been but a constant ache in my foot can't be good right?

And this might seem like it's all over the place today but I was watching the Boston Marathon and I only have 15 mins of battery life yet so I am trying to be quick here!

And I had to detangle Rapunzel's hair today. Seriously. I spent 45 mins while watching Boston working on it. I swear if it's a hot mess tomorrow that doll is getting a hair cut!


  1. That sounds miserable! Have you tried switching back to Brooks?

  2. I need to buy new shoes to go back to the Brooks so that might have to wait til after I get a new car. Sigh. Unless I can sell some stuff that's extra money I don't have right now.

  3. I agree the toe box in Mizunos is narrow. Maybe go back to Brooks. Sounds like a very patient Rapunzel. Mine scream holy terror after about 5 seconds of detangling.

    1. Yes our kids hate hair combing and I've been successful with little one and getting it done in the tub. The oldest is a big PITA and her father does it.
      Rapunzel the doll looked like she was a matted dog. lol

  4. Wow! What a pain in the butt! Or, foot! I have never had anything like that. I actually don't have many foot problems. I know Bobbi does, maybe she can help!

    Which brooks/size were you wearing? Which Mizunos/size?

    1. I was wearing Brooks Ariel in a 9.5 B
      The Mizuno's are the Wave Inspire in a 9.5 B
      I think imo completely different shoes. Brooks has a wider box and more cushion and the Mizuno has less padding and more narrow.

  5. can't give any advice on the shoes/foot problem :-/ i'm sorry that you're struggling with it though!