Saturday, November 17, 2012

Off Scale and On Plan Week 13 but back on track!

This week in general was a great week in regards to tracking what I ate, reigning in what I ate (!), working out and keeping my emotional reactions to stress in check.

Week 13 being off the scale at home and being back on the plan and being back on track and I had a loss of 3lbs!! Woot! Very happy with that today!

I am quite proud of myself for reigning in what I ate and keeping my emotional reactions to stress in check.  Normally when hit with something like the furnace going out and being worried about how to pay for it I would be eating/drinking my feelings away but not this time. I ate before my husband came home from work on some days, I didn't uncork that wine bottle ( I really am a lazy drinker if it doesn't come in a box/spout!) and I tried as best as I could to get that activity in daily. It was nice again to see that ActiveLink do the dancing lights at the end of the day after getting 100% for the first time in weeks. I also have been running in short spurts here and there this week. Two miles or three miles with long warm ups.  Damn I feel so much better after running as well even if it's just for a short time.

Today I also set myself up to have a better day by going straight to the gym after WW and going to Zumba!! I miss going to the week day class and even the old guys from the week day class reminded me that the back row was their spot. Um yeah I remembered!

Two things happened today that helped me refocus or remind myself that we all have our different journeys. At WW today a lady made her 10% weight loss and she hit her 16 week mark which you get a keychain for the 10% and clapping hands charm for the 16 week. It was exciting for her but she didn't want the big brouhaha about it. I've gotten 2 - 10% keychains for losing my 10% after my first daughter and after my youngest and I have some charms and I even have a 50lb loss charm on my key ring for losing 50lbs after having Avery. That was 3 years ago. It's depressing to me that I have that far to go to get back to that. I even was kicking myself because like I said a few weeks ago I should be at goal/lifetime by now. But my journey is different and when I get that damn 10% keychain again I will kiss that little thing like nobody's business because I would have worked harder than all those other times to finally get it again!

Another thing that happened at WW was our leader was telling us of a 70 year old woman in the earlier meeting that started 1 year ago (like me, grumble) and she is 1 lb away from her goal and she's lost 88 lbs in the last year.  Her doctor had her on meds and told her she'll never be able to lose the weight at her age and * poof! * she did. She sounds like me. Someone tells me I can't do something and that sets the little gears in my head moving a little bit faster to get it done.

Even with all of that it's encouraging though. I need to focus on myself more than I have been. I know that sounds extremely selfish but honestly I have to say "f*ck everyone else" every once in a while and focus on ME. 

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  1. 3 lbs is awesome Michel! So glad things are going well! You're exactly right you DO need to focus on YOU. Everybody benefits when mama's happy!