Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zipfizz product review and give away!!

So awhile back I received a package from Zipfizz for a product review.

Yowzers! How awesome was this package presentation? Inside the big water jugg was all the flavors that Zipfizz makes. Zipfizz is a healthy energy drink mix that is packaged in long tubes.

From the website:

Zipfizz contains 25 nutritional ingredients:
9 VITAMINS: vitamins C, E, all the Bs, and folate
8 MINERALS: potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, sodium
ELECTROLYTES: magnesium, potassium
AMINO ACIDS: arginine, taurine
ANTIOXIDANTS: green tea extract, vitamins C and E
THE 4 G’S: Grape seed extract, Ginger, Green tea and Ginseng

It is low in calories and low in carbohydrates and in my opinion very tasty. The day after I received it I broke one open because I was craving something sweet and figured this would be a good alternative to eating something that was not healthy for me. So imagine my surpise when I put the product in the water instead of vice versa. 

This is what my glass looked like:
It had calmed down enough but I thought it was going to bubble over! So when you try this product on your own pour the product into your glass first then your water.

The flavors are grape, orange soda, pink lemonade, citrus and berry. 

I tried all the flavors and liked them all. I do have to say I believe my favorites were Grape and Orange Soda.  I thought Orange Soda tasted like a Nehi soda (which apparently is sold as a gourmet soda now?) which was especially yummy. I don't remember noticed any difference in my energy levels but as an alternative to just drinking plain water or green tea I thought this was a nice change.

Want to win some Zipfizz? 

There are two ways! 

1. Be a follower! - leave a comment


2. Go to Zipfizz Facebook page and like them and tell them I sent you!  - leave a comment

Good luck!

Give away ends at February 3rd at 9:00 pm central time. Winner will be chosen by random.org and posted on February 4th 2012.

Some legal speak: I was sent the product for free for review, I wasn't paid or compensated for the review. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Race Report or AKA

the day I nearly bit it in the parking lot of a library just for the  Boring Runner - Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K!

I didn't wear it because well I had no sleep last night and was to tired to print one out this am!
After getting new shoes yesterday and setting up a new "We are running on Sundays game plan" with my old coach, our old running threesome met at the local library which is at the other side of a running path. It was a brisk, like really brisk, cloudy 31 degrees as we waited to start.
As I turned to walk onto the path I didn't realize the black asphalt of the parking lot was hiding what else? Black ice. As I did the most insane flailing of my arms in hopes of not biting it in the parking lot on my first real run in forever I thought well this would be the perfect start of the running season for me. Amazingly enough I managed to keep myself upright.

We did a once around the path and than a little out and back around the parking lot to make the 5K.
For the last half mile it started to snow and the wind picked up. So I literally was freezing my thorns off today.

Our final time was nothing to extraordinary since this was the first time we had been out in forever. 
It was really great to get out and run today. New shoes feel really great. Company was fun to hang out with as well. 

I got little sleep last night as Avery felt it was necessary to get out of bed a few times and just be an unhappy camper. Anybody want to guess what type of mood she's in today? OY. I really should have bought wine when I was out this am!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On the right path

I weighed in on Saturday morning. At a super packed 8 am meeting. Man I hate the new center. I found out why it takes forever to weigh in now at WW. It's because when they went to the new facility they lost a computer. So this morning they had 3 computers that are the normal weigh in stations. Then they added a scale and manually inputted some weights for members. So 4 weigh in stations and LOTS of people. Ugh. The way the new place is set up doesn't flow nicely either. boo. I'm crabby about this. While I liked the 8 am meetings leader I felt lost and packed like sardines in the meeting.

Last week I didn't weigh in at a meeting but manually added my weight from weighing in at home. That wonderful weight that depressed the crap out of me was 210 lbs. Then this week I got my crap together. I actually focused, tracked, and concentrated on eating more vegetables. I planned more meals in the past week than I did in a long time. It paid off for me.
A nice 3.2 lb loss. Almost wipes out the previous weeks gain of 4.2 lbs.

My week looked like this in regards to how I ate or used my points.
I kept my points in range all week except Friday. On Friday I used a lot of my PointsPlus+ Allowance (aka to us old timers as Flex points!) for dinner which was Chinese.  I love my crab rangoon but I have already found recipes to make a few different varieties that calls for baking and not frying the little won tons of deliciousness. One is a Hungry Girls "Crab Rangoonies"  or this one Baked Crab Rangoon. They look easy to make and are both low in points. I just need uninterrupted time to concentrate on trying these and if they work out I might make them and freeze them in bigger batches for future consumption!

You can also see I had no activity this week. That was on purpose. I wanted/needed to concentrate on facing my food issues. I concentrated that if I felt hungry that I wasn't just bored or needed in between things to do around the house. If I felt bored and knew dinner was still coming up I ate a big salad. I had a salad every day this week. I made also Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Lentil Soup which they have it set at 5 PointsPlus+. I switched the chicken broth with vegetable broth, added 2 cups of water and eliminated the Canadian style bacon. In the end it made it 4 PointsPlus+. It was still thick and very filling.

After Weight Watchers I picked up my old running coach and we headed to the local running store.

After getting the new Mizuno's we headed out to lunch. Which I was damn proud of myself as well.  I had a side salad and half a sandwich combo. No beer or pop either.  Go me. Which in fact I have not had a pop since December 31st. I've been tempted but water is the way to go for me.

Sometimes the path is bumpy. Sometimes it curves. Sometimes it has roadblocks. But most of the time it's the ability to work around those things that make the journey worth it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

11 Randoms meets BabyWeightMyFatAss

I was tagged by Kandi and Jen  and Jennifer for the 11 Randoms posts that have been all over running blogosphere this past week. 

The rules:
1. Post these rules
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them
6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

The randomness about me:
1. I love to fish and wish we can start taking the kids this year. 
2. Turning 40 didn't bother me until I got this  brow line thing going on between my eye brows. I would take a pic of it but I look like I have 5 chins and that's a no tonight. * I don't turn 40 til May 6th. So you have about 90 days to save up for my gifts! lol

3. I take a herbal medication for anxiety called Valerian. I am so glad that I do.   
4. I was a photography major for a while in college before turning to social work. I left all that for a glamorous job at a nuclear power plant. How's that for random? 
5. I have cankles and am pretty sure nothing I do can get rid of them. My Dad had the stumps my Mom was a tiny little petite thing. Did not get those genes. 
6. Our 8 year old tv is about to take a dump. Awesomeness. 
7. I grew up in Chicago. 
8. My sister lives outside of Atlanta. This is only important because there is a place called Partners Pizza that has this awesome Potato pizza. Here is the description: We spread our crust with Sour Cream, layer it with sliced Potatoes, top it with Green Onions, Bacon and Cheddar cheese.  YUM!! When I first heard of it I thought they were crazy. Then I had it. Then I brought some home on a plane. LOL. I have found some comparable recipes on Pinterest but have yet to try them. 
9. On that note about Pinterest. Some men on pinterest irk me. I know, I know anyone can be on it. But there's something creepy about categorizing your porn. Just saying. 
10. I only watch two regular network tv shows. The Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly. 
11. Did you know I'm a huge Toby Keith fan? LOL. 

Questions from Kandi:

1. What is the last thing you took a picture of?  chicken meatballs from Aldi's. Which FYI were great!
2. If you eat eggs, what is your favorite way to make them? At home scrambled, at a restaurant sunnyside up.
3. What is your favorite board game? Trivia Pursuit
4. Do you prefer dogs, cats, or some other pet? I love cats. I loved my little dogs. Eh. Is there a dog that will let it's self out?

6. Cake or pie?  What's cheesecake? Cake that's like a pie?
7. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be? Somewhere with a sandy beach
8. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? Right now? Some place with alcohol and sand.
9. What is your favorite color? Purple
10. How many siblings do you have? Just one sister
11. If you were invited to a wedding reception but not the ceremony, would you be offended? No not really. In fact about 13 years ago a coworker invited me to his reception after the dinner part to drink and party. I knew some of the people because of work but it was a turning point. A few months later same coworker asked if I could fill in for someone who bailed on a ski club trip. I then became a member of the Wild Bunch Ski Club which I am still an active member.  The bride at the reception 13 years ago is now one of my best friends. 

My questions from Jen:

You are stranded on a deserted island.  Tell me

1. What are the 5 foods you would pick to have with you? Merichka's poor boys, crab Rangoon,  chocolate, yogurt, a reasonable person would say something healthy but um yeah I want to go with Taco Bell.
2. What 2 things would you pick to drink? beer and code red mountain dew (would love diet but I don't think they make it anymore! )
3. What book would you want to have?  family album
4. You are visited by ONE person for 24 hours only, who is it? My Mom (though that might be a weird spiritual thing) Am I horrible for not saying my kids or husband? probably. sigh.
5. You can have ONE skill that you do not currently posses? What is it?  Fortune teller 
You just won 5 million dollars! Tell me

1. What is the first thing you do? Scream "Fuck yeah!"
2. What is the first thing you buy? I had new car but that is really a given. I want land.  A place to build something really nice for our family. A new home is on the agenda because of the land.
3. Who is the first person you share your winnings with? duh husband
4. Would you relocate? Where? YES!!!!
5. Would you donate to charity? Yes!! Autism Military Families! 
6. You must buy me a gift, what do you get me?? Sorry I don't know! 

Questions from Jennifer:

1. What are you afraid of? Having a 14 year old who is not potty trained and then who get's her period. FML. * Remember I have a kid with Autism. MANY of them can't get potty trained.
2. Where would you most like to visit? Europe
3. What can you not live without running wise? Good shoes
4. What is a dream of yours that few people know about? IronMan * Can't swim, kinda of a problem. Before today nobody knew about it.
5. What is a guilty pleasure? Food shows
6. What is something that irritates you? People who use the word Retard or make comments about the short bus. Even if they think they are being sarcastically funny. Eh. Get's on my nerves. FYI the short bus isn't that short anymore unfortunately. :(
7. What makes you giggle? Watching my husband get really happy when the little one gives him kisses. * new thing she just started last weekend with him.
8. How did you meet your husband/boyfriend? Met him online over 8 years ago.
9. Do you have a bad habit? Talking over people. I try to work on it.
10. Favorite food?  bacon cheeseburger
11. What did you do before running? Just walk.

I am not tagging anyone because I think it's been hit up by almost everyone by now!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Regression and Progression

Most people when they hear about regression with kids with Autism think of only the point of that childs development where they regressed from a typically developing toddler to one who loses their words and skills. But regression and progression can ebb and flow through out a childhood. So when normal things that they do without effort like sleep regularly without issues stop than it's time to be aware that something might change.

It's not to often where we have long periods of regression with Avery. We normally notice it around a time when she is sick. It doesn't happen enough for it to stand out on it's own. Until yesterday.

We were home alone and about to get ready to get her sister from school. She started to ask me for milk as I walked in the kitchen. Her version of milk is ilk. She asks as nicely as she can and goes, "Ilk!" On occasion I would ask for her to look for her sippy cup and she would never do it. She would basically look right through me. I stood in the kitchen and she stood at the gate and asked for milk again. She then paused, and started to look around. At this point I am saying to myself *please be looking for your sippy, please!!!* She then found her sippy and picked it up, handed it to me and said, "Ilk!" As I started clapping and rejoicing she got this HUGE smile on her face!! She was so proud of herself as I was of her! Awesome, awesome, awesome moment.

Regression and progression can be the same with loosing weight and running.

The ebbs and flows of loosing weight, loosing focus, gaining weight, regaining focus and loosing weight happens to almost everyone who is on the weight loss journey. I was going to write just "everyone" but then I thought I might be wrong and there might actually be someone out there who set out to loose weight and never lost focus. I mean they are probably out there but I don't know them. If they are out there I would like to slice into their brain and find out how they did it!

A part of the weight loss journey I have to remind myself is that it is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change. The day I get to goal will be fabulous but that is when the hard work begins and that is of maintaining the weight loss. I can't go back to eating like I used to or I will gain it all back. My struggles with food vs my life will still be there but I hope to have gained the skills to deal better than I have in the past.

As a runner you know your progression can have it's ebbs and flows, more so if you are a runner coming back from injury. For me as much as I love running and I do because it really is my outlet for the many things that go on in my life I don't want to push myself so far right now where I put myself in the position where I can't run for a long period of time like last year. So I think of where I've been in the past year, what I've done that's pushed me back (gaining weight) or what I have done that I knew were positives to help me return to running (work on strength training).

As long as I can learn from these things and move forward I will feel that I am making progress in all aspects of my life.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Because 3:30 am wasn't early enough for her..

I thought I was dreaming at first.

I heard a scream and while trying to wake up and decipher if it was in a dream or real I looked at the clock. It said 2:30 am. Then I waited. Thinking hoping maybe Avery had a bad dream, screamed and went back to bed. Not so much. A few minutes later I heard her up and about in her room. We learned finally, duh, to turn off the overhead light so that there is no light in her room that she can turn on by herself when she wakes up and gets out of bed. This way it's easier for her to fall back asleep. So I let her be. Knowing she's done this and fallen back asleep at the door a few times in the last week. Then an hour later I heard more screaming and banging on the door. Oh no. We are not going to be waking up her sister. So I had to go back in her room and get her calmed down. Though I did this she still didn't want to be in her bed and was upset I left her room. This time I turned off the light in the living room and it was completely dark in her part of the house and within a few minutes she was quiet again.

Well for me this meant while I was able to fall back asleep but it was horrible sleep. Ugh. Crab ass over here today. Then I remind myself of how lucky we've been all these years with both our kids and their sleep habits. This one can be puzzling though. Avery likes her sleep. There were still days about a month ago when I had to go in and wake her up. From what I've read most or a lot of kids with Autism have some type of sleep issue. We thought we lucked out with Avery but now I wonder if her anxiety is getting the best of her and screwing up her sleep. It sucks for an adult when they can't turn off their head and go to sleep so I can't imagine how it is for a little one like Avery. :(

I didn't weigh in this weekend. I tried accepting the fact that the scale at home was up. Then I tried to get into the mindset of own up to it, go weigh in and get it over it. It's not all going to be losses and this gain hopefully won't last long. Then I said it's to cold and crappy outside to weigh in and I suck ass so I'll stay at home with the kids while my husband cleans up our driveway. He didn't have much to do since our neighbor (who was highly intoxicated!) came by the night before with his industrial snow blower and did ours along with his. One minute my husband was out there thanking him and the next I see my husband out there with a Busch Light (not ours!) freezing his ass off and b.s'ing with our neighbor. lol. You gotta love great, helpful neighbors!

Anyways so I'm owning up to my habits last week.

Anybody else use picnik for their blog? Aren't you pissed google is shutting it down?!
All of those green check marks are for servings and I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables but not the daily minimum. But hey I kicked ass at hydrating myself last week. I also kept my promise to myself to stay away from wine during the week. Last night while chatting via text with Speedy I discussed with her getting rid of the wine all together for awhile and was determined to dump it this am when I woke up. Then 2:30 am rolled around and eh I have yet to move to dump it.


So if you follow Weight Watchers or have an official weigh in day do you weigh yourself on other days? Midweek or everyday?

I know some people only deal with the WW meeting scale. Which is great but I don't know if I can. Then I saw someone at a meeting a few weeks back with her own WW scale from home that she used to weigh in.

Also if you use an online program for doing your pictures for your blog what do you use? 

Google is shutting down Picnik (which is what I use) and I need to find a replacement or you won't be getting any half ass cool graphics on my pictures!

And still don't believe in Global Warming or whatever you want to call it? Yeah about 8 inches of snow on Friday and today it's 49 degrees out and raining and almost all of the snow is gone.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The crucifixion of Paula Deen

I LOVE Paula Deen.

I used to watch her cooking show all the time because I love to watch the Food Network. It's like food porn. I don't cook that way though. I made one Paula dish that was a ham for Christmas one year and really liked it. Her food is not something you eat every day. NONE of the stuff on the cooking or Food network really should be stuff you eat all the time. 

So ya'all probably have heard by now that Paula, the Queen of southern cooking has Type 2 Diabetes and is now pimping a diabetes medication. If you haven't you can look at the following here,  or here or here. I actually heard this rumor about a year ago. It apparently was leaked to the tabloids in late fall 2010. I still watched her shows after that though because I think she's just adorable.

The anger that seems to be prevalent is the fact that she waited to announce a medical issue until she had a money deal behind it.

Hello. She is a businesswoman who will put her name on a butt of pork (smithfield) for any amount of money. She built an empire on southern cooking that revolves around butter and fried food. Do people honestly think she was going to turn around and tell the world, "Well it's all crap don't eat it now!" She has said, "I'm your cook not your doctor!" And she's absolutely right. Paula Deen is not responsible for the obesity epidemic in this country.  The only person who is responsible for if you are overweight is yourself. Not a famous chef on tv. She could set a better example of how to tackle diabetes but I am not her doctor or her dietitian or her family or her accountant.  It obviously would be wonderful if she started a whole new type of southern cooking but just because she starts to eat healthier and working out doesn't automatically mean she's going to get off meds. Everybody is different.

Anthony Bourdain last fall made the famous comment about Paula, calling her "the most dangerous person in Amerca" in regards to the food she makes. He's kinda of a douche because he always has something to say about the chef's on the Food and Cooking Channel. I mean he's got a travel show so I guess he's better than them.

My real issue with this isn't the diagnosis or her treatment plan or the shilling of products. It's the double standard when it comes to ripping on Paula for the food she makes but yet no one is making the same comments about the male chefs. Since this came out unofficially last week people seem to think she's the only one hawking high fattening food. She's not. She's one of the dozens of famous chef's or cooks who have programs on tv that don't cook light or healthy. 

Here's a few of the male chefs:

Mario Batali - he's recently lost some weight but he's still a big guy and his food isn't exactly known for being healthy either. Lot's of cheese and starchy pasta because he cooks mostly Italian food.

Guy Fieri - the wonderful host of the show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  I like Guy. This is my personal all around favorite food porn show. I'll watch the marathons all the time. He's not exactly promoting eating at healthy restaurants, well I mean some are vegetarian but there are lot's of bar b que's and fried food on his show but that's his deal. I've read that he takes a few bites out of the food and gives the rest to the crew because if he didn't he would be absolutely huge. Anthony Bourdain has said about him, "I look at Guy and I just think, 'Jesus I'm glad that's not me." source here.   Meow.

Emeril Lagasse- he's not exactly slim pickins there. But I think he's vertically challenged because the guy has like no neck.


Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods. A former alcoholic and homeless person who changed his life around to go globe trot around the world and eat the most disgusting stuff he could find or the most decadent. Majority of it is culturally different food. We used to watch this show all the time but the allure of watching him eat insects didn't last long.

In the end there are plenty of cooking programs on tv today. There are plenty of sources for information on healthy living. They normally don't go together. Will there a big revolt with people enmasse protesting the food programs and demanding healthy cooking shows?  I highly doubt that. Will people who love Paula Deen stop watching her cook southern comfort food? I doubt that to.

I don't watch Paula for her information on a healthy lifestyle. She never claimed to be a health guru.  I watch her show for her southerness, her lovely spirit and the occasional visits from one of her hot sons. snort. This is my break from my everyday of trying to cook healthier and eating the things I love in moderation. I'm just a person who wants to indulge in silly tv that isn't based on some shmuck picking a girl to fall in love with.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random musings

This might be all over the place so please bear with me.

  • Avery still kinda of sucks with her sleep. Not just with going to sleep but now staying asleep. I was up at 3:30 am with her yesterday. Before if she would wake up in the middle of the night she would play in the crib and fall back asleep. Now she knows she can get out of her crib and so she gets out, turns on the light and plays. fml. The best is now if she protests going to bed, we just let her figure it out. If she gets out of her bed and falls asleep at the door we let her and than I "pry" open the door (she's like a brick stop right behind that door!) and put her in bed. 
  •  The school district called last week and said Avery's IPad was almost ready. Um huh? Last October we had a progress meeting at her school and our primary directive was to make sure we got a communication device for her. The school district was hesitant because they wanted to be able to know that she could prove that she could point to what she wanted. Ok. So we left that meeting thinking they were going to continue on with PECS  and then move on to GO Talk Communication device in order to test out what would be the best for her. So when I got the call about the IPad I was a bit confused albeit very happy that she'll be able to use something she is familiar with. So hopefully she'll have it soon since they said they were just waiting on a case for it. 
  • My foot hurts. Not the top but my PF. I wear the darn splint at night and I feel it helps sometimes and sometimes not so much. I wear the splint and I feel either it's because my calf is so large that I don't get to position it in the right way. When I wake up sometimes my foot has managed to get it's self out of the splint. hahano. Yeah not kidding. Also if I wear it a certain way than some other part of my foot starts to hurt. Seriously.  I could probably use some PT because my calf is tight and my hips feel really out of whack. Though I have a feeling if I go to my ortho she's going to ask about the script for orthopedics that I never had filled ($400 I don't have). 
  • I don't like the gym I joined in December. It smells. And before people go well people do sweat when they work out (like my husband reminded me of der) Yeah well it smells weird. Not like make you puke type of smell but one that makes you think nobody is cleaning those machines with a good wipe down every couple of hours. I also don't like the meat heads who toss the weights down and go "ROAAAAAAAR" well not really that word but insert a sound some jackhole would be making when lifting heavy weights.  Man I really don't like that place. Snort.
  • I am working out and trying to reign in my eating. This weekend I let the alcohol take over what I ate and it's a bad cycle. I weighed in last Friday at Weight Watchers but I didn't attend a meeting. Since I was up wayyyyy early yesterday and my husband is off of work this week I decided to go to my regular Monday meeting just for the meeting and leave a weigh in til Saturday. I'm really glad I did. The topic this week was "Set Up Your Environment for Success" and we discussed trigger situations or times of day that hurt us in our weight loss effort. Ugh. Tell me about it. For me it's in the afternoon when Avery hits her meltdown bewitching hours before dinner. 
  • Also a bad cycle starter for me is drinking wine. I did really great the first week and keeping my numbers in check every day because I didn't have any wine in the house. Than I asked my husband to pick up a small box of wine from Target after a rough day with the kids. Instead he came home with the big ass box of Franzia. Not his fault since he stopped at a liquor store instead of Target so his options were not the same. Alcohol before on the points plan wasn't that many points but now they really take into account the sugars and it makes a 6 oz glass of chardonnay wine 5 points+ which is a lot of points, imo. Even with the extra points and activity points I need to find a good balance where I can eat well, drink a few drinks, and still loose weight. Loose weight is the key objective here so for now I am leaving wine off the list until I get the food under control.
  • I tell myself daily, "I will make goal, I will make goal, I will make goal!" 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Fat

You have been served with an eviction notice.  I'm working to vacate you in a timely and healthy manner. A first week loss of 5.4 lbs while astounding is not realistic for ongoing weekly losses. I've been through the weight loss first week joys a few times to know that it does not repeat itself in week 2. This week was especially hard. Adding in about 10 miles of walking with some strength training seemed to confuse you. While I know you are trying to hold on for dear life the fact is that I do not need you anymore. Maybe a little bit of fat but not the mass quantities you have placed on my ass, hips, thighs and belly.

So in case you still don't understand what I am trying to say in a nice way let me tell you in another not so nice way...


Baby Weight My Fat Ass


I dragged the oldest with me to weigh in this morning through all the snow out on the roads. Down 1.4lbs I think it was a solid loss considering the fat was holding on for dear life this week. I hope to be below my starting weight by the end of the month. A nice goal not totally unattainable. Next week the hubs is off for vacation due to having to use up a whole week from last year's pto. So I won't be so limited in what I can do cardio and strength training wise.

And while I was tempted to just let Avery sleep at her  door last night I knew if I did that she would wake up in the middle of the night and freak out. So when I heard her roll over around 9pm I was able to open the door and sneak into her room and put her in her crib. She probably would have slept a long time this morning if our neighbor wasn't clearing snow from their driveway at 6 am.

If you live in a beautiful, warm, dry climate enjoy your weekend and if you love snow enjoy it! And if you are like me curl up on the couch with a throw blanket, enjoy some wine and zone out on Pinterest for awhile. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'll raise you put me to bed awake with...

I'll sleep at the door anyways.

I wrote on my last post about our issues with Avery going to sleep here.  Tonight after sitting on my lap for over an hour I knew she was ready for bed. Plenty of yawning and curled up with her blankie. So after an hour I put her down with a lot of fighting. I walked out, closed her door and got her sister ready for bed. She made some noise, got out of her crib, turned her light on and promptly laid down at her door. A few minutes later it was awfully quiet and it turns out she was zonked out at her door.

Yeah try to tell me your little butt isn't tired. I don't think so!

So you know those people who don't believe in global warming? Yeah ok they must not live in the midwest.  Yesterday it was beautifully sunny and in the mid 50's.

Today it's this crap:

Sigh. When is spring again?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

come on!

What happened to my kid? She would go to bed so easily before. Than one day she figured out she could climb out of her crib and it's been shit sleep since.

Yes. I know an almost 4 year old (May) was in a crib. She has Autism and it was a safety issue. Still is. For a couple of weeks after the great escape it would take some work to put her to bed but it was quick.

Then Christmas break happened. She was great. Going to bed awake, but rolled right over and went to sleep just like the old days. I would put the weighted blanket on her and it was like "ohhh" and off to sleep she went. 

Then the day before school restarted it started all over again. She wants to sleep on me. If she could she would be back in my uterus. It's that bad.

My husband has been the best at getting her in bed. 1) I think he puts some type of "Daddy means business" scene around him and 2) he has no uterus so it's a no win situation there for her.

I even went to the health food store to get an anxiety/calming herbal agent to help her. Unfortunately the one I got tastes and smells like black licorice. I hate it and well so does she. I have some recommendations for flavorless options that I can add to her milk but not sure when I can get it.

Tonight was incredibly awesome. I spent an hour in her room in the dark, rubbing her face and her back bent over leaning into her crib. My back has been hurting for a few days but this was where I was having my breakdown. I couldn't do it anymore. I was frustrated. I'm tired. I just walked out of her room and closed the door behind me. After a few minutes my husband had enough of her climbing out of bed and hanging out at the door and he went in and put her to bed. Ten minutes later she was out.

I've been lucky. These two have had no sleep issues unless they were sick or going through a growth spurt that required more frequent nursing.  Crying it out was easy when they were infants. ( I know people think it's cruel but I only had to do it with the one who wants to be back in my uterus so there ya go that was a big sign of things to come!)  Doing it as toddlers doesn't have the same affect, imo. And she's loud. I can hear her screaming outside my house. I would prefer to not have my neighbors call DCFS because she's screaming bloody murder.

So now what? Any ideas? Tips?

In all of that while she's been at school the last two days I've gotten on the treadmill for almost 40 minutes every morning and since we have had unseasonable warm weather in the greater Chicagoland area the last couple of days I've taken the little shit who won't go to sleep nicely anymore for walks before we pick up her partner in crime from Kindergarten. Two aday workouts are nice but damn I'm beat!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weight Watchers Weigh In & the new barcode scanner app for WW

I had no problems lacing up my shoes and heading out to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I knew I had a loss and a pretty good one at that.
It looks weird in that graph because the dates look off to me but the graph took a dive!

Yay me!! -5.4 lbs . This is what happens when you pull your head out of your ass and actually follow the plan. I do have to admit that this week I even had pizza and Chinese. Even as I made the decision to order pizza 2 days into the new year and I told my husband, "WTF I can't even make it two days without eating crap!" I still kept it on plan as much as possible. This time I ate only 1 cheese bread stick whereas before I would have ate the whole 5 pack because I already would have felt like I had blown the whole week.   I only used about 20 of my flex points and had earned 14 extra points by activity.  I never felt like I was starving this week. I drank tons of water and green tea and no wine or pop. I have a box of wine in the fridge that's not opened and I had to remind myself today that I gave up pop as I was reaching for something to buy to drink at 5 Below (it's like a dollar store here).

So I think it was a good week. I didn't have as much activity as I would have liked but this week Avery has decided she doesn't want to go to sleep easy anymore. She wants someone to hold her until she is completely out. Before she could go to sleep on her own but since she learned to climb out of her crib she's just a little monkey and won't go to bed til 8 pm or even as late as 9 pm the other day.  Makes for one tired Momma. So no going to the gym after my husband got home from work. Boo. Yeah good times here.   Oh and remember how the oldest woke herself up at 3:30 am the other day? Yeah she was asleep before 6 pm that night on our living room floor.

While I was at the meeting they started to talk about the barcode scanner app for WW. Remember I go all excited a few weeks back when I saw this in an email?

Well I must have missed the email where they introduced the actual app for the phones. Because maybe then I would have noticed it's a SEPARATE app than the WW Mobile app. So now you have to have 2 apps for WW on your phone. I was kinda of perturbed about this because myfitnesspal app is all in one and it scans a barcode and gives you all the info all in one app. So once I got over my pissiness about this I played with the app at the meeting. A member next to me had some greek yogurt so I scanned it and figured out how the whole thing works.

So when I got home I did it with some whey protein to show you how it works. * Click on picture to see larger. *
1) scan item, 2) track this item, 3) add to tracker and 4) random stuff we were scanning at a friends house. 
In the first pic you scan the item's bar code and if it's in there the info comes up with the points. If not you have to manually input it. It then asks if you want to track that item and then asks if you want to add it to your tracker. So this is the part that's annoying. When you say yes it also asks if you want to go to your tracker. It then closes that app and opens the WW mobile app. It could have been all in one app and I hope they do change things around and add that because this bar code scanner thing is awesome in general.

I could have saved about 20 minutes of time at the grocery store yesterday instead of inputting all the numbers. Which I had eye surgery like 12 years ago (damn I really feel old that I remember this now!) and I am sure I am going to need reading glasses/cheaters soon because I can't read tiny print anymore!! So it would have been helpful like yesterday! So if you do have the WW'ers mobile go search for the app called WW Scanner it's free as well.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to stay away from my house. LoL. The little one was in major meltdown mode and didn't want me leaving. I can only handle so much. She occupies me every evening for a few hours until she's ready for bed so a few hours to myself this morning wasn't much to ask for. I debated on going to the running store to try on shoes. I talked myself out of that since I can't buy any right now I really didn't want to tease myself or waste the time of the sales guys when I can't buy a pair. I then headed to the mall where I think all the kiosk sales people don't understand the words, "No thank you." I walk as close to the stores as possible and avoid eye contact with the sales people at the kiosks and they still asked me twice to look at something. No thanks. NO THANKS!! ugh.

Here's hoping that next week I can continue to keep my head out of my ass and remember that when you actually follow the plan it works! Duh!

Friday, January 6, 2012

In Memory of My Mom

Today is the 8th anniversary of my Mother's passing from complications from heart surgery. 
This is a re-post of my original post from last year on the anniversary of her passing.

I've spent the last month really deep in my depression and part of it is, is that the month of December is when my world turned upside down. It was the last time I heard her speak. The last time I saw her smile was on New Year's Eve. Although she was intubated she made the gesture for crazy in reference to my Uncle and his wife wanting to visit her. snort. She was THE major reason I ran last year for the American Heart Association at the Chicago Marathon. I didn't want to fail that day because of her. I just couldn't. I suffered the last half of the marathon from my injury but not as much as my Mom suffered in her last days I believe.

Many things have changed since she left this world. I am now married and she now has 3 beautiful granddaughters in addition to her wonderful grandson she adored so much. My father, her husband who she had celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary just 10 days before she passed is not the same man. Or if he was always this way my Mom was the buffer and I never knew how "crazy", lol, he really was. We are all different now from my sister, my Dad, my Aunt, my family in general.

After the death of a matriarch in a family the walls crumble for awhile. Sometimes they can be shored up and rebuilt. Sometimes they just crumble all around you. It's a mixture in our family. Since my Mom's passing it feels like some of family members have forgotten about Diana's kids or husband. Or it comes to my Aunt, my Godmother, my Mom's sister who is basically all I have left besides my Dad and my sister where I've been the one to neglect our relationship. For that I am very sorry. I love you so much, you don't know how it would affect me if I were to loose you as well.

The first year following her passing was the year of the firsts. Her first granddaughter being born. The first mother's day (friends called me, thank you Koreen & Kim), to her birthday, to the first holidays without her, my wedding and the first wedding anniversary my Dad had without her. All those were bitter sweet but we made it through them. Just like we have made it seven years since her passing. It does not make it easier but it's not the first thing I think about when I wake up on most days.

My Mom was a petite little thing compared to the genes my sister and I inherited from my Dad. We must not have looked like her daughters at times. lol. She was beautiful, she had a cackle laugh just like me at times. She liked her beer (Old Style). She wanted bigger and better things for her daughters just like me.

I didn't handle her death to well. Really, is there way to handle the death of a parent? If there is than well I failed big time. I am trying to make up for it now. To try to be the best Mom that I can be to my little girls. Although I miss the days I could call her up and ask her, "why the hell must they always put their hands in the toilet?" I think I've done ok based on natural instinct that I think I inherited from her.

A poem I found for my Mom, Author Unknown.

You were a precious gift from God above,
so much beauty, grace and love.
You touched our hearts in so many ways,
your smile so bright even on the bad days.
You heard God's whisper calling you home,
you didn't want to go and leave us alone.
You loved us so much, you held on tight,
till all the strength was gone and you could no longer fight.
He had called your name twice before,
you knew you couldn't make him wait anymore.
So you gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away,
knowing that with our love we will be together again some day.

 Brad Paisley- When I get to where I'm going

Toby Keith - Cryin' For Me

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. The oldest is in for a rude awakening today. She woke up at 3:30 and didn't go back to bed. This is her norm for her lately. Though sometimes she sleeps in til 5:30 am. But on days like today by 10 am she is a huge PITA. Today is going to be awesome because at her school she flip flops and goes back to kindergarten in the afternoon. Guess whose going to be a PITA and crabby for her teacher and little friends come noonish?

2. So since she woke up I woke up to! Isn't that awesome? Then I couldn't really fall back asleep until about an hour before my alarm was going off. During that time I had two really bad dreams. One about Avery wandering away from the house and the second was about my husband. Geesh. I woke up in a not so great mood than. (Don't worry I didn't leave the oldest to fend for herself her father was up getting ready for work!)

3. The scale looks nice. :) That's all I got to say!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The truth about water

Yesterday I had a comment on the blog in reference to water at races. 

This was the comment:

I tried to contact the person who left that comment but this is what I found when I did that:
No ability to email and a blank blog.

So in order to get down to the truth about the water at the Chicago Marathon I contacted the folks at the Chicago Marathon. I included in my email the exact comment posted by "Indigo". I received a reply within a few hours of my email.

Hi Michel,

Thank you for your e-mail and for checking with us regarding our source for on-course water. We use one-gallon sealed jugs of bottled water for all of our on-course water. We also have supplies of single-serve bottled water stationed along the course in reserve, as well as at the finish line. We do not use any hydrant water for drinking water.

That being the case, the comment on your blog is not accurate. However, we do open hydrants along the course in order to active misting stations (stations that spray cool water on the participants) in the event that there is unseasonably warm weather on race day. As you probably know, we have had some warmer race days the past couple years. The fire department does assist us by opening the hydrants when instructed, and of course they have the tools to do so. That is likely what the person who posted the comment is referring to, however, that person has mistaken the fact that the hydrants are used for misting stations and not for drinking water.

Please feel free to share this information in order to clarify the misleading comment on your blog.

Let me know if you have any additional questions, and thanks again for taking the time to clarify this issue.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Borling
Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Chicago Event Management, Inc.


I want to thank Jeremy again for taking the time to respond to my email to put to rest the misinformation that is being passed along about the water at the Chicago Marathon. 

From my experience at the 2010 Chicago Marathon which I stated in the first post about the water issue I clearly retold my story of a volunteer helping me get water out of a jug of bottled water along the course. I clearly saw PALLETS and PALLETS of water along the course. 

So a thank you to Indigo for pushing me to directly contact the race officials so that the running community can be reassured of the source of the water along the course for the Chicago Marathon and not be confused by the misinformation that is being passed along.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fantasy 2012 Race Goal

I am titling my race list this year as "Fantasy" until I get my new shoes. I'm sure you are tired of hearing about these things but it's a big issue to me right now. 

So far this is what I have come up with:

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k

Superbowl Shuffle 5K  * unless the Packers go to the Superbowl again and Speedy get's tickets.

Shamrock Shuffle 8K

The Race That's Good For Life

Wisconsin Marathon/Half *half


First Midwest Half Marathon

This kinda of get's me here. I did the Wisconsin Half last year and LOVED it. I PR'ed, it was a great race and course. I was just really happy with it. The thing is, um, well I turn 40 the next day and I would really like to do a race on my 40th birthday. I highly doubt I could do backtoback half marathons. And it seems like everyone is doing the WI Half including Speedy.

13.1 Marathon Chicago


*NOT doing the RnR Chicago Half - unless someone gives me their bib I refuse to spend money on that race again. It's in the hot ass July, I don't want to drink hydrant water. I do have to say I don't remember water issues in Chicago this year or last but eh the whole company has rubbed me wrong now.

To hot to race. LOL. Maybe a local smaller race. Not a big race

Foxvalley Marathon, Half, 20 miler *probably the half depending on how I feel.

Chicago Marathon *really iffy of course on this but my friend M  is turning 50 and would like to run Chicago again to say she could. Well I can't believe she is turning 50 for one and two well I don't want to shell out big bucks in February if my race season takes another dump come June. 

Also these races are all dependent on 1) funds, 2) whether or not I have a job that's scheduling permits to do races and 3) my foot.

So there ya go. My half ass (lot's of halfs!) race schedule!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

It's not New Years day or any other holiday if there wasn't a Star Wars marathon going on on Spike TV. So now that I've been seduced by the force  detoxing all day from the crap diet I've had the last 2 months it was time to give you my bloggy readers a weight update.

I had rejoined Weight Watchers in the beginning of November 2011 and it has been a big fail. Fail on my part because I couldn't get my head focused on eating right and just succumbing to eating or drinking my emotions in one way or another for the last couple of months. For the whole month of December I only tracked 16 days out of 31 days. So it's no big surprise with no tracking, eating crap and no working out that the end result was a 11.4 weight gain in the month of December. Now say it with me, "WHATTHEHOLYF*CK!" Every time I got on the scale I got more and more depressed. Which in turn did a little number on the old noggin.

So it was kinda of like this:
From Roni's Weigh In
Well I faced the music yesterday at Weight Watchers. I wanted to end the year with that number on the scale and know I WILL beat that number this year.  I especially wanted to get in to see the new facility and look for the new magazine (which FYI it went up a whole dollar!) because I wanted to see the lovely Miss SuziStorm in her national ad. She along with some other success stories were chosen to be part of a new campaign commercial with Jennifer Hudson.

Here it is:

The new facility is a bit odd I have to say. It's long and narrow. The old facility you walked in and it was wide open. It was an older facility but it was spacious. It's still in the same complex but a different section. This one made my anxiety go up a bit just because of the layout.

They have the weigh in area right up front when you walk in. So you have to walk in, and start forming a line in the back.

It is all pretty and all that snazzy stuff. I think the leaders and receptionists were happy that they got new spaces etc with computers but the computers were not working right when I was in there so I would imagine after the first week the kinks will be worked out and everything will run smoothly.

What I am worried about the most is that come the first few weeks of the New Year this place will be packed. It normally was at our old facility especially for the meetings I go to with my normal leader. I do have to say that I liked the Saturday morning leader who gave the meeting. So I might switch back and forth from meetings. Plus as it was reiterated at one of the last meetings I went to that you can go to as many meetings as you need to during the week. Sort of like AA but with food they are there to help you.

So onto my goals for 2012. 

1. Get to my goal weight.
2. Run again.
3. Stay injury free.
4. Cross & strength train 2-3x a week.

Not all in that order.

Number 1 is the most important one to me. I spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks feeling like crap and crying over my disaster of my weight and health. I felt like I failed myself, my kids, my spouse, my family and my friends when I said I was getting back to it in November and December and instead I gained weight instead of losing. Not good. I feel like this is the 100th time I've asked for your support but I hope you are still listening to me and following and will give me some more support this time around. 

Thank you!