Friday, December 27, 2013

Goals for 2014

I just had to do another post as Blogger tells me I wrote 666 posts and that number just creeps me out!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Ours was a quiet, small affair.

While we knew the oldest wanted every Lalaloopsy doll out there and 2 puppies she only got the dolls. Well 2 dolls from us and 1 from her Auntie. Avery got a set of Chipmunk beanie babies and Max and Ruby dolls. Very simple here. The best part was that nobody was sick and we didn't spend any of our holiday in the ER like last  year! Hoorah!


I switched things up on the blog a little bit and updated the last 2 years of races on the sidebar. While I only did 3 races in 2012 I did double it for this past year. Rereading the race reports had me thinking of the past year. It was a year of a lot of ups and downs.

I also went to the gym more than I had in previous years. Even if that wasn't much it was still a big plus to help get over my nervousness of stepping into the gym and working out in public.

During the summer I started back on my journey to finish school. This fall I had 4 classes and my days were busy. My schedule was a bit off as I spent all day Tuesday/Thursday in class and on MWF I had a 11 am class that totally threw me off my schedule. I ended up with 3 B's and 1 A for the fall semester and was very happy with that in the end. I barely missed an A in another class too!

Next semester I have 5 classes. Again my schedule is all day Tuesday/Thursday (though earlier starting and ending earlier). I have 1 night class on Child Welfare starting at 5pm on Wednesday. Included in this schedule is 1 online schedule. It's a lot I know. I might not take any classes in the summer to make up for this schedule. OR I might take 2 classes in the summer so it just leaves me with my core classes and my internship next fall/spring in order to graduate in May 2015. Crazy busy but I have to, need to, want to graduate!!


So what are my goals for 2014?

Get to my goal weight. Run again. Stay injury free. Cross & strength train 3-4x a week. 

Same as the last 2 years. This upcoming year though I am not numbering them or putting them in any priority. All on the same level of importance. 

I want more of this:

And way less of this: 

While I would love to say this doesn't matter:
It does matter to an extent. I've lost the weight before and I know I can do it again. The question is finding out what is stopping/blocking me from reaching my goals. The answer most likely is just me. I'm mucking up my work. Self sabotaging myself. That's something to work on in the new year. Being a full time student, mom and wife doesn't mean I have to completely forget about taking care of myself. I saw one of my ski club buddies last weekend. He's lost a lot of weight. He wasn't obese to begin with but he said one day he just wanted to get healthy. He quit drinking and watched what he ate. He's retiring in 2 years and wants to be ready for it. I don't want to wait until before I retire (hahano) to get my shit together. Because if I don't get my shit together NOW I might not get to that point! 

After seeing all of the pictures from our ski club party I could tell that in just a few weeks of being off of school and eating and drinking everything in sight that it did a number on me. I could see it in my face. I made a funny little joke that when my husband and I first got together I gave him a ski club jacket for Christmas and now 10 years later I wear it because my own ski club jacket doesn't fit me. It hasn't fit me in about 5 years truthfully. It's just that I don't feel like me anymore. And I want to feel like me again. Heck I want to feel better than how I ever felt. 

On January 2nd I'll start the Advocare Herbal Cleanse. It's an easy cleanse that helped me last time focus on my eating. From there I have a plan of cutting out any crap that is processed. I've done it before and I know/want need to do it again. 

Where and when will I work out? Well I'll have 3 days during the week where I can workout at the gym without time restraints. I, of course, have the Wii U and Wii Fit Meter that I can use as well at home. 

Will I race next year? hmm. Big races? No probably not. It's just not feasible $$ wise. I know I need sometime to have a race as a goal to motivate me. The Wisconsin Half Marathon would have been at the end of finals week for me next year. But they got rid of the northern suburb packet pick up and gave a packet pick up to Fleet Feet in Chicago. Bummer. Why would I want to drive into the city of Chicago for a race thats in Wisconsin with no same day packet pick up? There are 3 other options. Milwaukee and Kenosha. You can also have it mailed to you for $25. I know I sound like a whiney bitch but the Skokie location was an easy peasy pick up for me. I have a discount coupon for the Wisconsin half because I did not do it this past year so it's still an option. ARGH! 

In the end my goal for 2014 is to just work on being a better me. Sounds so simple but if I don't let myself get in my own way I might just make my goals next year! 


  1. So, I'm recommending The New Metabolic Effect Diet book to everyone these days. I've already lost a bunch of weight following the plan. The best part is (3) 20 minute weight workouts (at home, with dumbbells). They recommend walking to supplement it, but I'm still running. The other changes are in food, but the whole thing is a new and effective approach for me. Good luck!

    1. I've been following your journey and looking into all of your books. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Injury free I like that goal!! Hmm I have seen a lot about the advocare but not tried it, if it works though right on. Sorry about your crazy 24 hours of semi-kinda-not-sleeping-yet-all-about-sleep :) Hope it's nothing major and you can get some consistent sleep!

    agreed 2014 is about loving who I am and continuing to make progress too