Friday, February 7, 2014

It's February, how the hell did that happen?

Hey is it snowing where you are?

We've had a lot of snow. In fact they've been saying it's the 4th snowiest winter we've ever have had. Some people enjoy and some people well we are just tolerating it for now. Since the beginning of the year school has been canceled 4x. Not just for the kids but for me as well. This semester is off. Like way off. I feel very behind and that seems to be the consensus of my classmates as well.

When it's cabin fever for everyone it gets a bit um annoying. At some point it's just enough.

There is only so much you can do when it snows THEN it goes into the negatives. Dreaming of beach days and fruity drinks can only occupy so much time.

On Wednesday it snowed again. I had a sick kid at home so I missed class again. I missed school the week before because the other kid was sick. My kids are tag teaming me with being sick and then giving me their germs to top it off. Good times. As I drove to school yesterday morning I noticed the snow looked different this time. Sparkly. It's the best way I can describe it. It looked so sparkly it looked fake. When I got to school I tried to get a picture of it without getting frostbite.

Parts of campus are still decorated for Christmas but the light just shines so prettily throughout in the am. I get to school early for my class because if I don't then I have to fight for parking and I R OLD. I don't have time for that crap. LOL.

This happy kid here is doing good. We got the results of her 24 hour EEG and they were negative. No seizures are showing up. We go for a follow up with the neurologist DR tomorrow and I'm not sure what her next step is. We did move back her sleep time. Some days she can tolerate to wait that long to go to bed, some days she puts herself to bed early. Then there are days when we pushed the sleep back but she still was waking up in the middle of the night.

In the middle of January my husband was hit by a semi truck. At first it was a hit and run. But another trucker saw the accident and followed the trucker until the state police could pull him over.

The driver of the truck said, "I didn't feel anything". Nice. Anyways, guy caught, other insurance company paying for it. Hoorah! He was fine thank goodness. A little shooken (sp?)  up but he's ok.


Do you think that person above is unhealthy?

Same day but a long view.

No muscle tone.  At this point in time I weighed about 110-115 and achieved the height of 5'6. At 115 lbs I would be slightly above the threshold for a healthy BMI of 18.6 . At 110 lbs it would be 17.8 and in the unhealthy range. Either way today 20 + years away from that I would hear, "you look like a lollipop" "too thin" "eat something".  Now we all know BMI's can be off as well but I normally see that with people who have a lot of muscle. Some of the cheerleaders at my school were told they were fat by their coach. But they weren't. They were SOLID muscle and healthy. (this coach issue could be another post in itself...)

In high school I didn't think anything about my weight. Never crossed my mind. I probably thought I would be thin forever and ever. Ha. Today I worry about my weight every freaking day. I am almost 100 lbs heavier today than I was in 1990. Oy. That's 24 years. For a split second when I see these pics I think "damn to be that thin again". But I know it's not right. It's really not that healthy. My 41 year old brain knows that's not healthy. At 18 though I didn't think anything of it.

Now you know that I've been that small.  My highest weight when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter was 270 ish lbs. I say ish because I stopped looking after a certain weight and my husband does tell me I weighed more than him. After she came and my weight settled I was around 240 lbs. What I am getting at is that I have never been that small after being what I consider for myself big. I have yet to have that "I was small, got big, then got really small again moment in my life."

In full disclosure I have not watched a full season of Biggest Loser since season 9 when Michael won. I do pay attention to the before's and after's. When I saw the winner of this seasons Biggest Loser I was shocked. I wasn't the only one though. People are shocked. Yes it was competitive contest. Is she unhealthy? Just by the numbers, the average sit on the couch and watch Biggest Loser person can put those numbers into the computer and go yes. Is she healthy? I personally don't think so. My feeling and hope is that she will gain some of that weight back and hopefully find a happy medium. Did she probably do what she had to in order to win? Most likely. She has said she found her competitive spirit again and that's awesome.

I read a comment on Facebook that said something to the extent that if she was a runner who ran 10 miles a day and was this thin that people wouldn't question it. hmm. I don't know. See the runners I see that are thin still have muscle definition. Then another comment was if it was a male nobody would be saying anything. No I would think people would say something. In fact I have some male friends who have lost a lot of weight and people have said the same things. Need to stop, eat something, doesn't look healthy. Female/Male doesn't matter.

At some point the contestants go home and do the math. They know what the other 2 weighed at the last weigh in. They do the math from their starting weight to that, and then to what they know they have to be to win at the finale.  When you are in the final three and you weren't the biggest to begin with, you don't have many options to win. Do I blame her? Not really. I really just hope she didn't replace one issue with food/scale with a new one with food/scale with the added mix of now being the Biggest Loser winner and the pressure that that now brings onto people.

The response from the viewers and general public is one we shouldn't be having. We shouldn't be having it because the show Biggest Loser and their staff should never have let it get that way. Ever. Rachel should be celebrating regaining the self worth she thought she had lost.

I really don't know how to end this about the situation with the latest Biggest Loser. Well maybe I do. Screw you Biggest Loser. Stop saying you are all about getting healthy. The reality in this reality show is that you failed at the one thing you were suppose to be doing.


  1. Glad your husband's okay - after the shock of it, I would have been pissed, ha. I'm a sales rep for construction products so I'm around some pretty big guys and ALWAYS take ribbing about "you need to eat a sandwich" ... "are you sick?" - crap like that all the time. Some of it's funny, but it gets annoying. I understand everyone being a little shocked by the girl on the GAME SHOW. But like you said it's a contest. The point of the show is to lose the most weight ... not who's the healthiest. I didn't have a problem with it. It's her body. Have a good weekend - stay warm!

  2. I think the TBL winner revealed an inherent flaw in the game. At some point weightloss is no longer healthy. She got there, IMO. Where were the trainers and docs?? Yes maybe an elite runner would have that build, but they don't achieve it in that short of a time frame. Personally I think elite runners are too skinny but that's just me.

    1. I'm nodding in agreement about the elite runners.

  3. I think TBL is a game. Rachel played the game really well and won. I do hope she puts on about 20 lbs in a healthy way and thoroughly enjoys her $$$.
    I'm so glad your husband is fine. That is so scary.
    And, when I was in high school eating whatever I wanted, my mom used to say, "wait until you turn 30!" She was so right. I wish my high school daughter could appreciate how beautiful she is right now. You don't know what you got until it's gone.

    1. Yes. I got to school with a lot of young women who are very, very thin and then I think well it will catch up with them. :/

  4. I have to admit not being around the snow it all looks pretty :) but i'm glad i"m not driving in it. Glad your hubs is ok and your daughters results aren't showing anything. Hope it thaws out for you guys soon! Until then build me a snowman!

  5. Bad crash but glad your family is okay! TV weight loss isn't a new surprise. #runstrong!