Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So where in the heck is BabyWeightMyFatAss lately?

More school.
Observations for school.

This is the time of the semester when stuff starts being due. We only have about 5 ish weeks left of school for this semester. It's flown by. In the next two weeks the girls tag team me with spring breaks. They will never have the same week off for spring break so figuring out what to do with them is hard. This is what life will be like when I finish school and eventually go to work. ARGH!! LOL

I do have some good updates though.
Remember when Avery went to the dentist for the first time ever last year? It was horrible.
Time has passed and this time we were able to schedule her appointment first thing in the am. When I say first thing I mean 6:30 am.

As I white knuckled it there in a snow storm to bring her to this appointment I just prayed that it would go well and we could get back home. It did go well! She didn't even want to leave but it was not the traumatic experience (for me!) like it was last time. A big thanks to Dr. Rita and her staff who made it wonderful.

Her sister is doing well to. She's just a happy kid, doing really well in school.

She still want's a dog but she settled for a fish.

It's still alive so she's doing something right!

We spent the month of February passing along some illness or another. Four trips to the Doctors. Three pink eye diagnosis, 3 upper respiratory infections, two thrown backs. February was not a good month health wise or food wise.

March is almost over. Have you freaked out about that yet? I am only freaking out because that means deadlines are looming for school now. I've spent the last few years being a stay at home Mom just trying to figure out how to occupy a kids time during the summer. Now I have to figure out how to arrange childcare so I can take a biology class in the summer so I can graduate on time in the spring of 2015. Only a year away!!

In the fall I'll be doing my social work internship in the early intervention program for our state. It was my first choice and I'm very happy to being able to put my perspective of what it's like to be the parent on the other side of the table who comes to a social worker and says, "I think my child may have some issues." I know how it feels and I know how scary it is to get those diagnosis at the beginning.

I've been doing an agency observation the past few weeks and it has really opened up my eyes to how DCFS systems are ran. I had a very heart warming experience last week on a home visit. The child,  was autistic and never acknowledged the caseworker before in her experience in previous visits. About the time we were ready to leave the child came up to me, motioned for me to pick him up. He proceeded to hug me to the shock of his foster mom, caretaker and the caseworker. It was pretty cool.

Know what today is??  It's Chicago Marathon registration for the lotto! If you want a guaranteed entry into Chicago you can always raise money for Run for Autism for a FREE entry with raising a minimum of $1,000. * Cough * Cough* because I am a person who apparently thrives on chaos I have ponied up my body to raise money for this wonderful charity!! I  am already at 20% of my goal!

So contribute to the crazy this year!  Help me, help make a difference in the lives of kids with Autism!

Thank you!


  1. Sorry the spring breaks don't jive and yes, it sure is crunch time. These school years go faster and faster, I swear. Great update on the kiddos!

  2. YAY for good dentist visits! We are yet to experience one that's not traumatic. That's awesome about Chicago!!

  3. I didn't realize you were doing Chicago again. Cool!

    And how cool that you got that internship for next year! I hope you have lots of cool experiences like the one last week!

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