Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chicago Spring Half Marathon and 10K Race Report

What??? A race report? Well you fell off the face of the earth BabyWeight!! Yes, yes I did. But I did a race today and I feel obligated to tell the few people who read my blog that I did do something physical! Today I ventured on into the city to the Chicago Spring Half Marathon and 10K. I did the 10K.

So this race was a little different for me from the get go. I hadn't done anything in months. I knew I was going to walk it with my friend Kris who did her first 5k and 8k last year. The 10k is a race I haven't done yet so no matter what my time would be a PR.

I wasn't really familiar with this race. I knew it was all lakefront course by the course map but I was kinda of unsure of where the start, gear check and all that jazz was. So in typical Michel (me) ways I chose to park where we park for every race where it's normally cheaper ($14) for some reason the machine said $20. ugh.  But then we realized it was farther from the starting area/race area.  Oops but let's get going since Jan was doing the half and she started earlier.

We followed a big group of people to the lakefront. That should have been good. It normally is. But today we followed the crowd like a bunch of lemmings. The race starting area/gear check was in a completely different area park then where the start line was so we missed important stuff.
We dropped Jan off after the porta pots and tried to get to gear check.  Gear check was under the expressway down a street and at this point I had to go potty so I told Kris she was walking with her bag.

Which in general there had to be about 20 porta pots at the starting line for about 4500 people. Which we had we known about this gear check/race start area in the park we would have realized there was 100 porta pots over there. Oops. Newbie mistake.

My friend Jan was doing the half marathon and we found her in the corrals.

We waited for the waves to start and it seemed very organized.

Half marathoners were off and running so the 10Kers just kinda of moved on in to the corrals. No big deal. We just stood around for a few minutes freezing in the shade. When we got to move up in the corrals we got to be at the starting line for our wave. LOL. So the announcer was staring right at us screaming into the microphone telling us to go! Awesome.

Miles 1-3 weren't bad. By mile 3 though I was getting warm. The sun was finally in full force and I no longer needed my jacket. At the turn around point I lost Kris. I knew at this point the half marathoners and 10kers will start to interfere with each other. So I was trying to be to the right the whole way back.  I also started to not feel to well.  I just wanted to finish this race standing up and not on a stretcher. blah.

Everyone says running on the lakefront is great. And it is, it's beautiful on a day like today. Except for the sidewalks on the right side going North along the lakefront are pretty broken up. So if you are a walker guess what side you are on? Yes the side that you had to be really careful on.

Not feeling well + watching my footing = me not wanting to fall into the lake! 

The only part of this race I wasn't keen on was right before and after the 6 mile marker where we are under the viaduct for the expressway and going down a gravel area to get to the street for the last .2 miles.  The finish line was great. I saw Kris right away and she waited for me to get our medals. 

It was time to wait for Jan to finish the half. I knew she was meeting up with her boyfriend at the half way point for water. So when we were looking for her at the finish line I kept looking for her pink jacket. lol. The announcer was saying peoples names as they were crossing the line and thank God I was listening!! I heard him announcing her name and then I saw her!!

She did awesome!

 Congrats Jan!!

So all in all the race was a pretty nice. IF I had paid attention to where it the area was for gear check and the tents I probably would have thought better of it at the beginning. It honestly was a nice little race. Kris wants to do the half next year so we'll see what we end up doing. This was one of those races that makes you pick up your packet at Fleet Feet in Lincoln Park OR you could have paid $25 to pick up race day. We drove into Chicago on Friday morning but this option only worked out for us because I was off of school and our kids had school. The shirts were a really nice V Neck and the medals and ribbons were really nice too. 

Also it was nice to do a lakefront race that didn't make you go under McCormick Place!! I'm bummed I missed so many local bloggers today but there will be other races hopefully!! 


  1. Nice to see that you're still active! That race sounds pretty sweet - love that you got a medal for a 10K. :)

  2. I am sorry you missed out on the stuff in the park before the race! And didn't feel so great for the last half. I was wondering if the HMers would catch up with the 10Kers!

    I am bummed out I didn't get to meet you!

  3. Bummed I missed you too! It looks like you were right where I was at the start of the half--I have the same harbor pic haha! Yeah getting into FF for packet pickup totally blew. Not sure how I missed the mail option. Glad you all enjoyed it. It's a nice race!

  4. Yay for a new post! Looks like a good race. I always like running by the lake :)