Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Update

I keep thinking I should write.


The last time I blogged was in May. This is the longest I've gone without giving an update of some sorts.

So here's an update:

School: I busted my butt at a summer Biology class. For 6 weeks, 4 days a week for 3 hours a day I learned about the human body. I even got to hang out with a human cadaver. It smelled. It was a relatively new cadaver as the school received it in the spring. Only one other girl and me showed up for the study session with the professor so we got a front row view of the cadaver. Passed with an awesome grade. Looking forward to the fall semester with my internship. Only 284 days until I graduate!

Anybody want to guess what part of the foot I got wrong during a bone test? Yes. I got a bone wrong in the foot (very classic of me to do actually, hahano.) Not the metatarsal that's for sure.

Kids: My oldest spent 3 weeks in Georgia with my sister and her cousins. The first day went great, second day she wanted to come home. The first week was rough but she bucked up and made it through the whole 3 weeks with some tears but with some more independence. Skype worked every night. Sometimes multiple times a day...

The first and last day of 2nd grade.

The youngest turned 6 at the end of May. As usual every progression equals some type of regression and vice versa. We had a few months of an increase in aggressive behavior, then followed by a trip to the gut doctor for treatment of a yeast overgrowth and she calmed down again. Still not potty trained (if this your first visit here she has Autism so don't go all child protective services on my ass please) but is progressing finally in that area. She has new words, sentences, sayings finally. She doesn't use her communication device much anymore. Her receptive language is scored at the level for a normal 6 year old. Which is completely awesome.


He looks excited, no? This was taken on the last day of my husbands old job. Gone is the 1 hour + commute in good weather. Gone is the not awesome pay and benefits.  To come was a 16 minute door to door commute. He doesn't even have time to finish his coffee because he works so close to home! New job has better pay, benefits and a better discount for stuff I care about (makeup and stuff!!)

Me:  Besides school this summer, I've been to a few concerts.

This was the Sammy Hagar show in Joliet. FYI- Nothing good comes out of a mango-rita in a can. NOTHING.

Then of course the summer ritual of Toby Keith. Which this was a really good show this year because he played a bunch of stuff from the mid 90's. Of course it was me and Speedy on our annual adventure. This year we actually got to do a meet and greet with his daughter Krystal Keith who opened up for him.

Weight Watchers: Eh. Honestly if I wasn't tracking my food I would probably be huge. I can't honestly say it's the right thing for me anymore. I have not felt right about it since I returned 2 + years ago and it switched to points+. I don't know why but the scale doesn't move for me anymore. I have a good group of friends from WW. So sometimes I feel like this is a social group for me on Saturday mornings. Which sometimes just getting out of the house and meeting up with others who are struggling with their eating and weight makes me feel like I am not alone. BUT I feel stuck. Not just stuck stuck but more like halted/grounded.  Which this might have something to do with my anti depression medicine. 

My doctor had upped my depression med at the end of spring. We talked about it yesterday and it just doesn't seem like the right concoction for me. So I am weaning off and starting another one. Hopefully this won't make me feel so even keeled and actually allow me to start having feelings again.

Running: So if you add in the Weight Watchers, school, husband new job, life with kids and the depression I have had no desire to run. At all.  Chicago?  yeah no. For two reasons. 1) I'm drained right now and can't find it in me to push forward with another thing on my plate and 2) which is the most important part of this and that's the aching pain I have in my right foot. Right along my metatarsals. A sharp, radiating pain. The thing is that there is no moment I can pin point it to be from. On occasion I get little bruises on the top of my left foot where I injured my metatarsal a few years back. Needless to say both of  my feet are jacked up and I don't know why.

Why haven't I made an appt with the ortho doctor yet? I am being a big baby and putting it off because I just don't want to hear, "you are done running" or "why are you still thinking of running?". blech.

So that's the update. It's not fantabulous but I'm pretty focused right now on school for myself and being done soon!


  1. You all look great! Wow 3 weeks away. Glad she had fun. Yay for graduation coming closer.

  2. Great to hear an update!!!!! Keep movin' forward my friend. You are doing great!